Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Battle Tips

Other than choosing the perfect class in FEW: Three Hopes and getting stronger by leveling up, you need to take into account multiple features of the game. Use these features efficiently, like deciding your team and gear, to get through the game smoothly. To aid this process, we have compiled some handy tips to aid your experience in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Battle Tips

Though Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes seems simple and straightforward, that game has a lot of mechanics that can get overlooked and a lot mechanics that can make the game much easier and even more exciting.

Knowing and following through on these useful tips can ensure you an S rank in every battle in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes so it is worth a read.

Party and Support Units Selection

The first thing you need to maintain is your party in the game. At the start of every mission, you have the option to bring some characters with you that you will be actively controlling yourself, and send support units around the map who you can control by ordering them around.

Arrangement and selection of these characters is important, as you want to take into account their abilities, strengths and weaknesses before you pick your party and support units. The placement will help you control the enemy crowds better and even get the feeling of playing a general ordering your troops on the battlefield.

Make sure you check out the Strengths and Weaknesses of your units on the pre-match battle map and align them accordingly. A small example of this is pairing a strong defensive knight with a mage or archer so he can tank the damage, allowing the archer to get in strong hits, or a stronger powerhouse unit with a priest so they can be healed as they lay waste to the enemy ranks.

Always switch characters and experiment with different setups to find what works best for you.

Issue Orders

As mentioned, you can order around your supporting units on the battlefield in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. This is one of the most important mechanics of the game and, unfortunately, is the one that gets overlooked most often.

You can order your supporting units to either be offensive, defensive or support you or whoever they are teamed up with. Using these orders as required can make all the difference and keeps you from getting overwhelmed, or even stretched too thin in any mission.

You can use the offensive orders to capture strongholds and take out enemies quickly. You can use defensive orders to guard a specific area or guard yourself. You can even get your units to guard an ally or your target in rescue missions.

Support orders allow you to tell your units to heal a specific ally in the battle, or help them with follow-up attacks, provide them buffs or remove any negative status ailment. Using these orders effectively, you can keep all your units in tip-top condition and make your alliance as strong as it can be.

Use Your Gear Properly

Gear can be used to increase any specific stat of your unit and help them boost their abilities. Some prefer to use these to increase the areas where their units already excel, like providing a higher damaging weapon to a unit that already has high damage.

Instead, you should focus on covering up the weaknesses with your gear setup. If you have a unit with weak defense, give them a shield. If you have a unit with low HP, load them with healing potions. Covering the weaknesses will make your units generally more effective and instead of ignoring and neglecting your weaker units you can buff them up easily with the right gear.

XP Distribution

Though you can clear out missions with just one character, it’s better if your switch up characters during every mission, even if a particular character is not really required for that mission. This allows you to evenly distribute the XP and get all your characters to level up side by side, instead of getting one juggernaut followed by one-hit cannon fodder units.

Make your lower-level units MVPs of the mission as MVPs get additional XP and help them level up faster. Some characters are better equipped to take on some enemy types, so as you progress in the game, it necessary that you have well-leveled units so you can use them in missions later on in the game when you face stronger enemies.

In case you fail to level up your characters evenly, you might find yourself needing a specific character only to find it extremely weak and useless in the midst of battle.

Switching up characters also grant you access to multiple abilities fast and quickly, instead of waiting on one character until the ability charges up so you can use or, or you having to save the ability charge so you can use it later in the mission.

Keeping Morale High

Morale is important to maintain harmony in your army in FEW:3H. Don’t ignore your units and keep on interacting with them so you can keep their morale up during the fight.

Bonds and Relations have high importance in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. You are encouraged to talk to, train with and drink tea with your units and troops to keep their morale high and this increases the support points for these characters.

Make Use of Strategy Resources

Strategy Resources is a form of currency in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. This allows you to do things like recruit enemy soldiers, light torches, and clear the fog of war. You can summon archers and other units to aid you by using Strategy Resources.

These resources do not carry over from one chapter to the next and as soon as you start a new chapter, you will need to get more Strategy Resources. Since you cannot save these, it’s best to use them in the chapter that you are in. using these resources will allow you to make the battles more interesting and easier. Don’t horde them or sit on them.

Save During Battles

You have the option of saving your game during battles, and load that save later on if you want to take a break from the fighting. Pause the game and save the game anytime you want.

If you are playing Casual mode, you can reload this save as many times as you want to. If you are playing the Classic mode, your save will be deleted once you load back.

Be Aggressive

Fire Emblem Three Hopes encourages and even expects you to be aggressive. The reward system of the game tends to reward you better for staying on the front lines and pushing into the enemy ranks.

You even get additional rewards depending on how fast you complete the missions and how much damage you have dealt in the mission. A mission that is done quickly and where you have dealt high damage gets higher ranking and provides better loot.

Using the unit support system and using the ability of the different units you have will help you get through the missions fast and get the best mission ratings.

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