Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Battalions Guide

Battalions are units in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes that you can hire to use in battles to your advantage.

Each Battalion in FEW: Three Hopes has a unique gameplay style and you must know where you should place and use the Battalion for the best results.

In this context, you can take an example that a Battalion with bows is not expected to perform well in a close-range fight.

Battalions can be unlocked by completing quests. The following guide has all the information that you need about Battalions in FEW: 3H.

Battalion Guild

The Battalions in FEW: 3H are assigned to a unit that protects against enemy attacks. The unit’s authority to receive a Battalion can be increased by acquiring new warrior classes that they can specialize in. If a unit takes too much damage during the battle, the Battalions would have to leave the unit.

Upgrading The Battalion Guild

To upgrade a Battalion Guild in FEW: 3H, you need to first focus on leveling up the Qualification and Cost of Battalion. The next step is to increase the Battalion’s endurance. Keep the encampment upgrades for the end in each tier. You can always discard the extra Battalion that is of no use.

All Battalions In FEW:3H

There are six types of Battalions in FEW: Three Hopes. These are Swords, Axes, Lances, Bows, and Tomes.

You can access your Battalions both in camp and during battle. To access them in camp, go to the Storehouse menu and select Barracks to see the current Battalions that you can access.

To access Battalions in battle, go to the Convoy menu and select the characters to lead the Battalion through their profile.

Sword Battalions

Battalion Endurance Required Authority Description
Empire Infantry 660 E
Empire Duelists 880 D Duelists, dedicated to the Empire. Great against enemies equipped with axes and reduce damage taken by 45%.
Platepiercer Fencers 2000 A These are highly effective against armored units and can penetrate any armor. Reduce damage taken by 60%.
Independent Mercenaries 3000 A An elite group of mercenaries greatly famous outside Fodlan.

Axe Battalions

Battalion Endurance Required Authority Description
Empire Warriors 660 E These are warriors who fight for the Empire, having the ability to fight foes with lances and reduce damage taken by 45%.
Empire Armored Co. 880 D
Einherjar 3000 A They are dead heroes who came back with the use of technology. They reduce damage taken by 80% against enemies with lances.

Lance Battalions

Battalion Endurance Required Authority Description
Empire Lance Co. 660 E
Empire Cavalry 880 D
Secret Transport Force 2000 D This is Anna’s secret to maximizing the profit margin. It is highly effective against enemies carrying swords and reduces damage by 55%.
Retinue of the Goddess 3000 A These are people close to God. Effective against enemies equipped with sword and reduces damage taken by 80%.

Bow Battalions

Battalion Endurance Required Authority Description
Wingrender Snipers 2000 A Great tool against the flying units providing one-tier better damage and reducing damage taken by 60%.

Tome Battalions

Battalion Endurance Required Authority Description
Essar Research Group 1500 A Specially dedicated to researching Fodlan’d mysteries. Effective against monsters and reduce damage taken by 70%.
Mountslayer Sorcery Co. 2000 A These are magic wielders and target the mounted enemies. Effective against the cavalry units by reducing damage by 60%.

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