Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Awakening Guide

As if the characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes weren’t already cool, they have an Awakening feature. Awakening allows characters to achieve a god-like immortal state that is absolutely SUS. This guide will show you all about Awakening in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

In FEW: Three Hopes, awakening puts your character in a state that provides them a significant edge over enemies on the battlefield. Once a character enters the Awaken state, they will remain in it, reaping the perks until the Awakening Gauge runs out.

How to Awaken Character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Now that you know how insane the Awakening can be, here’s how to Awaken characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Awakening a character is a simple task that requires no rocket science. All you need is to fill up the Awakening Gauge. Once that’s done and out of the way, simply press the R and A buttons on the controller to enter the mighty Awaken State. Simple as that!

How to Fill Awakening Gauge in FEW: Three Hopes

The question is, however, how to fill up the Awakening Gauge. There are numerous ways to get around it, so keep reading to learn about them all.

Dealing Damage

Dealing damage to enemies is the simplest and most convenient way to fill up the Awakening Gauge. The rules are simple, the more damage you deal, the faster the Awakening Gauge fills up.

Critical Rush

Next up, you can fill up your Awakening Gauge by stunning opponents and performing a Critical Rush. As you perform a Critical Rush, your Awakening Gauge will fill up.

To get on with the Critical Rush fast, try fighting enemies you have an advantage over; this way, their stun gauge depletes much faster, allowing Critical Rush to be achieved fast.

Blue Tonics

Blue Tonics can also aid in the filling of the Awakening Gauge. As a result, you should seek out blue tonics. Blue tonics can be obtained in one of two ways.

Blue Tonic can be obtained by defeating named enemies on the battlefield. This method, however, is less reliable since you’ll get them as item drops, which are usually randomized. So, if you go for this method, you’ll get a breakthrough based on your luck.

The Blue Tonics can also be obtained by collecting Blue Pots scattered throughout the battlefield. Blue Tonics can be obtained by breaking these.

Adjutant Follow-Ups

In terms of filling up the Awakening Gauge, performing an Adjutant Follow-up also works. To activate an Adjutant Follow-up, you must have a full Adjutant Attack Gauge, which you obtain by attacking enemies.

Cooking and Eating Food

Cooking and eating food also helps to fill your Awakening Gauge. So, before heading to the battle, make sure to cook and eat food that will help you fill up the Awakening Gauge.

At the Recreation Quarter, you can speak with the Kitchen Master and choose a recipe that fills the Awakening Gauge.

Benefits of Character Awakening in Three Hopes

Here we’ll go into detail about the benefits of Character Awakening in FEW: Three Hopes. So, let’s dive right into it.

All Attacks Shows the Stun Gauge

When your character is Awakened, all attacks cause the stun gauge to appear and deplete faster, regardless of class advantage. This can help you stun your opponents and perform Critical Rush even if you’re at a class disadvantage.

HP Will Not Reduce to Zero

When a character is Awakened, regardless of how strong and brutal a beating you take from your opponents, your HP will not be depleted to zero. It will obviously decrease, but rest assured you won’t die.

This, however, remains true as long as you are in the Awakened state. This can be used to pull off seemingly impossible encounters and escape from cheesy situations.

Infinite Adjutant Attack Gauge

If you have an adjutant assigned, the Adjutant Attack Gauge will not deplete for the entirety of the Awakened state. You can and should take advantage of this golden opportunity to create longer combos with your adjutant and wreak havoc on your opponents.

Free Warrior Special

When you enter the Awakened state, you gain access to the Warrior Special without having to fill up the warrior gauge. However, using the Warrior Special will cause the Awakened state to end prematurely.

It is therefore advised to refrain from using Warrior Special until the Awakened state expires since your character will automatically perform a Warrior Special once you exit the Awakened state.

Bonuses Based on Enemies Defeated

When you are in the Awakened State, defeating enemies grants you various bonuses based on the number of enemies you dispatch. It is therefore recommended to activate Awakening once you’re close enough to enough enemies to defeat to get the most out of the bonuses.

Here is a list of the bonuses you receive for defeating a certain number of enemies.

  • Defeating 40 Enemies – Levels Up XP
  • Defeating 50 Enemies – Levels Up Class XP
  • Defeating 75 Enemies – Increases Forge Count
  • Defeating 100 Enemies – Attributes Enhance for Dropped Weapons
  • Defeating 120 Enemies – Increases Drop Rate

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