Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Archer Class Build Guide

The Archer class is an intermediate class you might want to play in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. If it was not already obvious, the Archer class is all about shooting a flurry of arrows at enemies from range. This makes it an anti-air class against flying classes.

The following guide will explain all there is to know about the Archer class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Use Archer Class

The Archer class specializes in long-range combat using bows and is highly capable of dealing damage through ranged attacks. The Archer class is especially strong against flying classes such as the Pegasus Knight class.

The Archer class is also very effective against gauntlet using classes and can edge them out in combat more often than not The best way to use the Archer class in FEW: 3H is by equipping such armor and weapons to this class which will further boost their strong points.

Best Units For Archer Class

The following characters (units) are best suited to use the Archer class:

  • Bernadetta (Black Eagles)
  • Ashe (Blue Lions)
  • Shamir (Golden Deer)

Archer Class Abilities

Gauntlet Buster Lv 2
This ability provides a 1 tier advantage when fighting versus enemies using gauntlets. It also increases the damage done to them by 85%.

Archer Class Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X Perform a sweeping attack on enemies which launches them up in the air and then smacks them down.
Y Y X Launch several regular arrow attack at enemies which is followed up by a bursting arrow shot.
Y Y Y X A rain of arrows pours down on the enemies which is then followed up by several regular arrow attacks.
Y Y Y Y X Launch series of arrow shots towards the enemies which is followed up by lunging towards them and shooting a spread attack using arrows.
Spam X Perform several regular arrows attacks followed up by two sweeping arrow attacks which targets all nearby enemies.

Archer Class Action

Combo Input Combo Description
X Shoots a barrage of arrows in a targeted area. Holding X charges the Class Guage to increase damage.

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