Fire Emblem Warriors Robin Guide

Robin can be a difficult character to figure out in the new Fire Emblem Warriors. This Fire Emblem Warriors Robin Guide will not only tell you how to play well with the character but also tell you how to unlock its female version along with numerous other tips and tricks.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Robin

You can unlock female Robin by playing the game’s first history mode map. A lot of areas will be blocked but you need to complete battles in areas that are unlocked to remove the locks over other areas. Complete all of the challenges to unlock the new character skin for Robin.

How to Play

Robin is a tactician who can utilize both magic and swords. Magic, however, is the primary source of damage for Robin and it can be used to take over fights quite easily.

The standard attack consists of seven strikes as is the norm in the game. First, he will throw out three magic balls, then four, then six, then blow enemies far away with a magic circle, then throw some more magic balls and then end the move by fathering four balls together and firing them for a huge blast right in front of him.

Robin’s standard attack has an excellent tendency for clearing large crowds. You also have a lot more range and thus more safety due to the magical nature of your attacks.

When your heavy gauge is below 50 percent and you decide to use your heavy attack, you will spin magic around yourself in a small circle.

Once your bar is more than 50 percent and less than 99, you will do a magic attack which will reveal your enemy’s weak point.

If your bar is at 100 percent, then your enemy will show a critical weak point. This ability makes you self-dependent as you can get the bar full very quickly by attacking groups of enemies and then use this attack whenever you feel like it.

On your first combo, you will throw a small fireball which becomes a massive explosion in front of you. It has a delay when you use it so it should be usually kept in reserve as almost every other projectile is faster.

The second combo uses wind magic to do several slashes and then a horizontal cut. It has good speed and range and can be quite versatile.

Your third combo has a lightning bolt in front of you which will zap enemies and then fire a long beam right in front. It has long range but the beam is narrow so be careful when you aim it.

Your fourth combo creates a darkness ball in front of you which will suck in enemies and damage them for a few seconds.

It is good if you use it after damaging your enemy’s weak point. You can be quite vulnerable when you charge it up though so be wary of when and how you use it.

Your final combo will have you fly in the air and fire down a lot of lightning bolts before firing one large bolt which will do massive damage.

This combo can be used as a wave clearer, burst damage or weak point engager. Your combos generally are equally effective except the last one which is much more powerful than the others.

As Robin, you should try to use your magic against beasts and heavily armored opponents as you have an advantage against them. You have to use your heavy attack very well so that you can find the weak point of your enemy as you have no other way to access it.

Robin works well with other mages for this reason as well, as you can easily reveal the weak point of your enemy and have both the mages capitalize fully off of it.

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