Fire Emblem Warriors Guide – How to Play as Rowan and Lianna, Best Combos, Strengths and Weaknesses, How to Play

Rowan and Lianna are two of the heroes which are Fire Emblem Warriors original characters. Since these characters are new, not many people will know how to use them to their fullest potential. This Fire Emblem Warriors Guide will show you how you can use Rowan and Lianna to their maximum effect and get the most out of them.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Guide on Playing as Rowan and Lianna

In this Fire Emblem Warriors Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about starting playing as both Rowan and Lianna. As they are the two main protagonists of the game, their fighting styles mirror each other and are very easy to use for both old and new players.

Fire Emblem Warriors Guide

Fire Emblem Warriors Rowan and Lianna Combos and Attacks

Their standard attack is a series of seven different slashes with their sword. The pattern of these slashes is consistent and this you can easily memorize it and use it to take out hordes of enemies in front of you. Their standard attack string is very focused and deals a fair amount of damage.

Their heavy attack string has them stand in a place and do slashes with their swords which deal massive amounts of damage to any enemy that they strike. The main disadvantage of this is that you cannot move while you attack thus your range is limited. It is a good tool at the start of the game but once you have the combo badges, you do not need to use it much.

Your first heavy attack combo will uppercut enemies as you slash into the air in a pattern. You can add three more strikes while you are in the air or smackdown with a heavy attack. This can be used to separate enemies from a crowd.

The second combo does a few spinning slashes forward and then ends the combo with a slam. This is used for smaller groups of enemies such as gate captains.

Their third combo throws out their shield as a boomerang and when it is caught, there are eight crystals launched in a circular pattern which covers a huge area. This is a very good area of effect combo. It has a high amount of damage balanced with a short range.

Your fourth combo will have you do a lot of damage with a lot of sword thrusts before you and your enemy are launched into the air. You can add aerial attacks while you are in the air. The last combo has your character fire up the sword with magic before doing four incredibly large ranged slashes which deal a huge amount of damage.

This combo is good for both clearing smaller crowds of enemies or dealing damage to an important single target. It might bounce your enemy off the ground so be wary of that as it will allow your enemies to regain their composure and not show their weakness anymore.

Rowan and Lianna strengths and weaknesses

As a sword user, you have a massive advantage over any enemy who wields an axe. You also have a small advantage against bow users as well. Since they are unmounted, their only weakness is spear users due to their long-range melee combat style.

They are very easy to learn but hard to master. They have extremely good weak point engage which makes them good for battling huge and powerful enemies. Rowan and Lianna are good for most situations and will get you ready for the more complicated characters.

That is all we have for our Fire Emblem Warriors Guide – How to Play as Rowan and Lianna. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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