Fire Emblem Warriors Combat Guide

Combat can be a difficult aspect to master in a game such as Fire Emblem Warriors. This Fire Emblem Warriors Combat Guide will tell you all of the things that you need to know before you head into the game and start fighting. Read on to find out about stuff such as what do the stats mean, what is the weapon triangle and much more.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Combat

Understanding Stats.

  • HP – Character’s Maximum Hit Points.
  • STR – Strength of Physical Attacks.
  • MAG – Power of your Magic.
  • SKI – How Powerful are your Critical Hits.
  • SP – How Fast your Awakening Gauge Depletes.
  • LCK – Rate of how Fast Recovery Items Drop.
  • DEF – How Easy it is to Defend against Physical Attacks.
  • RES – How Easy it is to Defend against Magical Attacks.
  • Move – Speed of Character.

What is the Fire Emblem Warriors Weapon Triangle?

Like other Fire Emblem games, one of your weapons will be more effective than all other weapons. This is sort of like rock-paper-scissors in the sense that lances beat swords, swords beat axes and axes beat lances.

If you have the advantage, you will deal more damage and take less damage while having increased critical damage. If you have the disadvantage, you will deal less damage and take more damage. Enemies are usually marked with an up or down arrow to show if they are in an advantageous position or a disadvantageous one.

Warrior Gauge

This is the yellow bar in the top left and fills up as you kill enemies and collect yellow recovery items.

Warrior Special

When one or more bars of Warrior Gauge is full, you have the option to use your Warrior Special.

Stun Gauge

A Stun Gauge will appear over the enemy and will decrease with attacks. Once the gauge has fully depleted, the next strike will be critical.

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