Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tournaments Guide – How to Participate, Rewards, Tips

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, when you complete Chapter #4, you unlock a new feature that allows you to fight in weapon-based tournaments. Fighting in these tournaments is an activity which is both inter-house and an open-house event. These events are fought with weapons that your students have and on winning these tournaments, you are rewarded with rewards *such as gold*, enhancements for weapons, and Intermediate Seals for class upgrades.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tournaments

To participate in the tournament, you are supposed are visit the Training Grounds. Here you are going to meet the Tournament Officer NPC.

There are some requirements like the level your student is on, his rank, and the weapon that you have. These are some specifications that you have to look through before you send the student to fight in the tournament.

If your student fits in the requirements of fighting that specific tournament, only then will he win the tournament. You will be signing for a monthly tournament by spending one Activity Point then you can pick your combatant.

Be sure to pick a candidate that will fit all the requirements of the tournament otherwise there’s no point of sending the student to fight in the tournament as he is bound to fail.

Each tournament is limited to a single weapon of use. For example, Axe Tournament or Lance Tournament ensuring all combatants only use such weapons.

Before the tournament start, you will be able to see both the combatants with their information, reward, stats, and level.

Beginner Sword Tournament: Sword (C+)
Month: 1 | Reward: Steel Sword+

House vs. House Lance Tournament: Lance (B)
Month: 2 | Reward: Intermediate Seal

Intermediate Axe Tournament: Axe (B)
Month: 3 | Reward: Steel Axe+

House vs. House Sword Tournament: Sword (B+)
Month: 4 | Reward: Intermediate Seal

Brawling Tournament: Brawl (B+)
Month: 5 | Reward: Steel Gauntlets+

The pre-battle screen also displays other battle statistics such as (Mt), Hit, and Crit. These things decide whether you will win the tournament or not.

Might shows your attack damage while Hit determines your combatant’s probability of landing the attack. Crit is an uncommon stat which shows the chance of dealing more damage to a foe than usual.

There are various rounds in a tournament and your rewards keep getting better with the rounds that you keep winning.

You rewards keep getting better because your opponent keeps getting tougher. At the end of each round, you can heal your combatant twice with 30 HP regenerated for each use.

After reaching the semi-finals, the player may choose to forfeit the tournament at no severe negative consequences that he might need to incur if he lost in the final.