Fire Emblem: Three Houses Seals Guide

There are different kinds of seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. These are dark seals, certification exam seals which are also known as master seals. Each kind has its uses and benefits. This guide focuses on Fire Emblem: Three Houses Seals along with their uses and how to obtain them, so without any further delay let’s get straight into it.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Seals

In FE3H, Seals are used for completing certification exams. Apart from that, they’re also useful in changing character classes. There are different types of Seals and each comes with its own uses.

There are a total of 5 major types of Seals that you can find in Fire Emblem and those are as follows:

  • Beginner Seals
  • Intermediate Seals
  • Advance Seals
  • Master/ Certification Exams Seals
  • Dark Seals

Required Seals and Examination Level

Each class examination is taken by handing over a seal specific to that class only. Below is the list of seal required for each exam:

Examination Level Required Seal
Beginner Beginner Seal
Intermediate Intermediate Seal
Advanced Advanced Seal
Masters/Certification Exam Masters Seal
Dark Mage Dark Seal

You can buy these seals easily in the marketplace option in the calendar if you don’t want to leave the room. Otherwise, you can buy these seals directly from the marketplace, they will only sell you seals according to your level and only those which you can use.

Beginner and Intermediate Seals

Relatively easier to find than the other Seals, the Beginner and Intermediate Seals can be acquired by completing missions and are also purchasable from the Market for 500(Beginner) 1000 (Intermediate) Gold.

Advance Seals

Just like Beginner and Intermediate Seals, Advance Seals are also found as droppings during missions and can also be purchased from the Market starting from Chapter 8 in limited amount but as soon as you reach part 2, you can easily get your hands on the unlimited Advance Seals package.

They also come as a prize by winning the combat tournament during chapter 10. This is not recommended.

Apart from these methods, you can also acquire this seal by reaching level 20. Once you reach level 20, your character receives Advance Seals to advance your students; however, this only happens once.

Certification Exams/ Master Seals

Master Seals are also Certification exam Seals as they let you take a Certification Exam and like other Seals, they can also be purchased but from the original item shop during Act 1 for 3000 Gold.

If you can wait till you unlock Item shop number #2 during Act 2, then you can get access to a better and unlimited supply of Master Seals.

These kinds of seal enable a character to change classes by taking a certification exam. They are exam tokens and whether you pass or fail, they will be used up.

You can increase your class key skills to raise your chances of passing the exam. Choose appropriate characters to fight at specific tournaments e.g., in a bow tournament, the character with the higher bow level will likely win.

Dark Seals

These are also certification exam seals, but they are unique in a way that they allow the player to unlock dark mage class which is a very powerful and offensive spellcaster.

An upgrade of the dark mage class is the dark bishop which is even more powerful but you have to become a dark mage for this first.

To get this dark seal you have to defeat Death King in Chapter #4: Assault at the Rite of Rebirth, Chapter #8: The Flame in the Darkness, Chapter #12: To War and also in Chapter #18: The Chaos of War.

You could also steal these seals from the Death King if his defeat is unnecessary for that mission. He is not easy to defeat though, he has a strong melee attack and very offensive magic attacks.

During or after the battle, enemies drop seals that you can loot or steal. But don’t rely too much on that because there is no certainty in that.

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