Fire Emblem: Three Houses Motivation Guide – Increase Motivation Level

Motivation works as a tendency of a student in Fire Emblem: Three Houses to study and learn. You will see a bar on the top-left corner when you interact with a student, this bar tells you the Motivation Level of a student. This can be manipulated, increased or decreased depending upon your actions towards students. This Motivation Level makes students learn more skills and eventually strengthen them in the things they are lacking.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Motivation

There are different ways to increase the motivation of a student and teach more and more to improve their skills. The first and the most effective way to increase motivation is after the teaching session.

Remember that every student comes to these teaching sessions with two levels of the motivation of bar and one teaching session will consume one level of the bar.

During the class, a student’s motivation level is indicated by the color of the face next to them. One teaching session cost 25 of the motivation from a total of 100. Motivational level faces are:

  • Blue: 0
  • Orange: 25
  • Yellow: 50
  • Green: 75-100

After each session, you can either praise, console or critique a student, depending upon their performance in the class.

If a student does well you may praise them and they will get a boost of one level, if a student does badly in the class you can console them and that will motivate them by one level as well.

Increasing one or two levels of motivation of a student means you will be able to teach them for a longer time and this will mean their skills will increase quicker and better. Keep in mind that you cannot praise a student who does great in the class.

There is another way to raise the motivation bar in students like you can bond with them during meal or tea time. Sit and talk to them and help them if they have any personal problems.

You can also eat with the students during the mealtime and that will fill the motivation level of student to the full. You can return student’ lost item, that will raise the motivation to 100.

Other than that you can give gifts to the students and allies to increase their motivation. Or you can simply give them good advice.

You can also fight alongside them in the battle and cheer them, this will also raise their Motivation Level. You can give them rest for a day and that free day will also help them replenish that motivation.

Keep in mind you can only motivate the students of your own house and not of other houses. This is it from our Fire Emblem: Three houses Motivation Guide.

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