Fire Emblem: Three Houses Free Day Activities Guide – Things to Do on Sundays

This Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide contains the details on the free day activities your character, Byleth can do on his/her off-day. There are 8 activities that you can carry out and this FE: Three Houses Sunday Guide will cover all of them down to the littlest of the mechanics.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Free Day Activities

You can participate in a lot of different activities when it comes to spending your Sunday in the game. These activities include but are not limited to fishing, gardening, choir practice, and more.

It’s a good idea to engage in these activities with someone to open the romance opportunities after the first time skip.

In this guide, we have given an outline of all the different Free Day Activities that both male and female Byleth can participate in the Monastery.

1. Advice Box

Taking some time off of his main tasks, Byleth can listen to what his advisors have to say as they deposit their queries in the advice box.

This is situated at the Cathedral and the notes will refresh every month. Answering the concerns allots you with support points for the help.

Even visiting the Cathedral to address the issues of your students will award you with some support points so it’s a win-win.

However, you should know that you have 30 minutes in which to provide a solution based on your interactions with the character and what you know about him/her.

2. Cooking

Cooking is an activity that you can do with another NPC on your free days. Simply go to the head chef at the mess hall to start this activity. Cooking will require a partner before starting, that partner can be your student or an instructor.

You can use the ingredients that you accumulated from fishing and gardening to cooking dishes. Cooking can have special outcomes for your allies in battle.

There are several dishes in the game including King of Beasts Steak that makes allies gain max Health Point +3 for the rest of the month. Invincible Grill that makes allies gain Strength +1 for the rest of the month.

Hero Salad that makes allies gain Magic +1 for the rest of the month. Queen Fish Sauté that makes allies gain Dexterity +2 for the rest of the month.

Swift Fish Gratin that makes allies gain Speed +1 for the rest of the month. Blessed Jelly that makes Allies gain Luck +2 for the rest of the month.

Immortality Stew that makes allies gain Defense +1 for the rest of the month. Nirvana Cake that makes allies gain Resistance +1 for the rest of the month. Charming Soup that makes allies gain Charm +2 for the rest of the month.

Sacred Beast Roast that makes Allies gain max Health Points and Strength +1 for the rest of the month. Deified Fish that makes allies gain Dexterity, Speed, and Defense +1 for the rest of the month.

Treasure Fruit Nectar that makes allies gain Magic and Resistance +1 for the rest of the month. The Best of Fódlan that makes allies gain +1 to all stats for the rest of the month.

3. Choir Practice

At the Garreg Mach Monastery, Byleth can take part in the Choir Practice after speaking with the Choir Coordinator. You will then need two choose two of your students to accompany you with the choir commencement.

It’s advisable to select characters dependent on faith proficiency since this activity will grant each of the three member’s faith points. Byleth additionally receives authority experience points for leading the choir.

4. Dining

One of the activities you can do is dining with your students and coworkers in the main dining hall. While it may seem easy it does have some categories to it.

There are two categories which include the “Today’s Special” and “Full Menu.” If you want to hold the dining event and chose one of the categories to go to the NPC who works for the Dining Staff. You may find him in the dining hall area.

Today’s Special category requires some conditions to be met before it can be used as a method. The dining event Faculty and Knight Mixer requires you to dine with a student and a co-worker.

This method will enable the motivation of the student to boost up and will strengthen better bonds with the characters you have chosen to dine with.

The Full Menu category gives you access to having to choose between more meals which were not accessible before and you can freely choose which characters you want to din in with.

But the selecting of the meals isn’t exactly for free and you have to give the required ingredients. There is a recommendation table in the Full Menu which tells which demotivated person will require which meal to get motivated.

5. Fishing

Fishing is another activity you can do on your free days, fishes can be used in food that is available in the canteen or can be sold for gold at any shops. Simply head to the fish-keeper at the fish pond to start the activity.

Fishing is gradually easy in the game. Simply take bait for the fish and then put it on the hook, bait can be found as different rewards in quests and also can be found at shops.

Do bear in mind to take different types of bait because a fish might not be attractive by simple ones.

After selecting the bait cast the line and as soon as a fish grabs on the hook press A so that you can time your tug on the rod with the circular pattern that appears on the screen.

You will get to know if you acted right if the fish will lose a portion of its stamina. If your timing is off you might lose stamina yourself, thus you can say whoever drains out of stamina first loses.

You can only identify whether the catch is a bag or small by checking the color appeared when reeling in the fish. If it’s red then the fish is big while blue indicates a smaller catch.

The different kinds of fishes are Salmon which has a selling price of 10 Gold (G) and Teutates Pike which is of Grade 4 and has a selling price of 50G and it can be lured in by the bait Insect Larva.

The Albinean Herring is of Grade 2 and has a selling price of 10G and Airmid Goby is of Grade 1 and has a selling price of 1G and can be lured by the bait Insect Larva.

The Caledonian Gar is of Grade 3 and has a selling price of 20G and Carassius is of Grade 1 and doesn’t have a selling value but can be lured in by the bait Flayn’s Bait.

The Platinum Fish is of Grade 5 and has a selling price of 1000G and can be lured by Herring Bait, White Trout and Teutates Loach both are of Grade 2 and selling prices of 10G.

6. Gardening

Another activity you can perform in your free days is gardening, simply head to the garden southwest of the monastery.

The products earned through the gardening can be useful in the cafeteria as products of ingredients or flowers can be gifted to others. To perform the activity go speak with the greenhouse keeper.

You have to pay gold for the harvest to start. You can now choose between seeds and also the cultivation type, and you can view the final yield that is anticipated of the harvest.

The seeds available for gardening are Morfis seeds which are an ingredient that can be harvested from onions. Mixed Herb seeds which are an ingredient that can be harvested from turnips.

Western Fódlan seeds which are an ingredient that can be harvested from Albinean berries. Eastern Fódlan seeds which are an ingredient that can be harvested from peaches.

White Flower seeds are an ingredient that can be harvested from Verona. Pale-Blue Flower seeds are a gift item that can be harvested from Lily of the Valley.

Red Flower seeds are a gift item that can be harvested from Anemone. Blue Flower seeds are a gift item that can be harvested from Rose.

7. Seminars

Byleth or any of his team-members can hold seminars to improve weapon efficiency. It’s best to allow different instructors to hold the seminar so to focus on the efficiency of different weapons.

  • Byleth: Sword and Authority
  • Seteth: Lance and Authority
  • Hanneman: Reason and Bow
  • Manuela: Sword and Faith
  • Gilbert: Lance and Axe
  • Alois: Axe and Fighting
  • Catherine: Sword and Fighting
  • Shamir: Lance and Bow

8. Tournament

A monthly inter-house event is held at the Training Grounds west of Officers Academy which you can participate in for various rewards.

These include gold, enhancements for weapons and Intermediate Seals for class upgrades. When you speak with the officer at the Training Grounds regarding the tournament, you’ll be given multiple options.

Each tournament is limited to a single weapon of use, for example, Axe Tournament or Lance Tournament ensuring all combatants only use such weapons.

After spending one activity point, you can enter the tournament and choose a combatant from your team.

Before the battle commences, the display shows both the combatants along with relevant details like prize money (or other rewards) along with the stats, level and health pool of each character.

Might, Hit and Crit are the three metrics which determine the likelihood of victory.

The reward is tied to each round and these get more valuable the longer you’re able to progress in the tournament. Though, this comes at the expense of facing against tougher opponents each time and possibly risking defeat.

At the end of each round, you can heal your combatant twice with 30 HP regenerated for each use.

After reaching the semi-finals, the player may choose to forfeit the tournament at no severe negative consequences that he might need to incur if he lost in the final.

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