Fire Emblem: Three Houses Difficulty Settings Guide

Difficulty settings in the new Fire Emblem: Three Houses are a little different from previous installments, and there are some things you might want to understand. To help you decide which difficulty settings to select when playing Fire Emblem Three Houses, we have prepared this handy guide that breaks down all the difficulty options.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Difficulty Settings

As part of the difficulty options in FE3H, you must decide which house you are going to select in the game. Whenever you will start a new game, you will go through some of the settings before selecting the house. Keep in mind that the options you will choose cannot be changed afterward in the game.

These settings include choosing different levels of difficulties when you are first starting out. First, you will be asked to choose between Normal, Hard or Maddening difficulty level. After that, the other option will be choosing from two playing modes of Classic and Casual.

Differences between each Difficulty Setting in FE3H

In Normal mode, the other major thing is that you will not have to pay to enter in some of the Weekly Battles and that will help you go through story quicker and get more XP early and fast. The least number of opponents emerge in this combat mode. Its levels likewise fall below the most challenging modes. The biggest perk is that you can fight endlessly.

In Hard mode, you will be attacked more often so you will be forced to make a real good strategy before any battle. There are somewhat more opponents and also slightly higher levels than the Normal mode. This level is designed for veterans who wish to face a more challenging mode.

Maddening is the most difficult combat settings in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that you can ask for. You will face a lot more enemies and with even higher levels as compared to the Hard Mode. The ambushes laid out by the enemy reinforcements will feel like real ambushes. The experience gained is also reduced, so that your units do not have a power levelling.  Maddening mode is recommended for players who have already won the game in hard difficulty. The real difficulty is to beat the mode without depending on the perks of New Game Plus.

What difficulty to play on?

For the new players of the game, we recommend you guys go with the Normal settings and make your way up, then you can play with the Hard settings as well once you have a good know-how of the game.

The second choice you will encounter after you have selected the difficulty level from Hard or Normal will be Playing Mode. In these settings, you will select between two modes called Casual or Classic.

Classic Mode or Casual Mode

In Classic Mode, the main difference is that when during a battle, one character from your house falls, you will not be able to use that one again ever during the whole game.

There is still a time-rewind option, but only once per hour so if you mess up you can fix it.

Overall, Classic Mode gives a real sense of difficulty where you will have to give real good thought to strategy making before hitting the battleground.

On the other hand, in Casual Mode, you will be able to use all the characters even if they fall in a battle.

This mode is more of a laid-back gameplay mode where the difficulty will be relatively easy, and you can keep playing with your favorite characters even if they fall in battle.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot change any of the above choices once you start the game so give it a good thought before you go in.

We highly recommend you choose Casual Mode if you are a newbie. You won’t have to worry about your dying units and can focus on clearing the battle.

Classic Hard mode, for long time fans of the game, is the finest difficulty setting. It presents the player with sufficient difficulty and the risk of being allowed to carefully think about every move they make, even if they have divine pulse to rescue themselves several times every fight.

Playing Classic Maddening or simply Maddening is for people who really want to face a challenge and learn the ins and outs of the game.

There is one other option though that you can opt for, that is saving the previous game and loading a new one and then you will be able to play with other houses and other settings without disturbing the previous progress.

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