Fire Emblem: Three Houses Class Outfits – How to Change

This guide explains how to change class outfits in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and discusses the different outfit options you have .

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, looks matter a lot; therefore, acquiring different fancy outfits is essential. The class outfits can be obtained by pre-ordering them or playing the DLC of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you manage to get your hands on these new outfits but don’t know how to wear them, this article is the perfect guide for you.

How to Change Class Outfits in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

An early method to change class outfits was added to Fire Emblem: Three Houses via a patch. Therefore, downloading it is a must to avail of this opportunity. This can be done by returning to the home screen of Switch and checking the available software updates by pressing plus on the FE: 3H icon.

Next, the player must head to his room. This will happen after meeting the house leaders and selecting your preferred house to teach. Once in the room, head to your desk, and the option to change outfits will show up. In case this doesn’t happen, recheck the software update.

Outfit Options


In FE: Three Houses, the player will wear this outfit around the monastery during Exploration cut scenes. Fancy attire is a must to stand out and look graceful.

In Battle

The players must wear their respective classes’ default amours to battle. Few classes can wear their attires to battle as well. However, some exceptions exist, like the Horse Mounted Units and Flying units. They do not allow this extra perk.


FE: 3H makes this option available in the new game plus to House Leaders. This requires a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.

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