Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows Classes List

Each character has its own classes in Fire Emblem Three Houses which will talk about in this  Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows Classes List.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows Classes List

Generally each character has four classes namely trainee, intermediate and advanced. The characters in this DLC story include:

  • Byleth
  • Edelgard
  • Dimitri
  • Claude
  • Linhardt
  • Ashe
  • Hilda
  • Yuri
  • Constance
  • Balthus
  • Hapi

Each character is briefly described along with their classes in the following text

Initial class is a commoner and the starting weapon is Iron Sword. With no weaknesses and strengths like Swords, Lances, Bows, Brawling, Authority makes it a potentially good character! As Mercenaries, Byleth can take on against anyone regardless of the weapon they use.

Class mastery is Vatange which allows it to keep on attacking if health is above 50% when Foe initiates combat. As a priest which a monk can become by leveling up, the skills acquired are Heal and Class magic heal.

Furthermore the Class Mastery is Miracle which increases the chance to survive a lethal damage.

Among the two advanced classes one is a swordmaster and as the name suggests, they are good with sword yielding combats! The skills acquired are Swordfaire and Sword Crit +10 which increase attack by +5 and +10 respectively!

The mastery skill acquired is Astra which allows the swordmasters to strike at a force 5 times stronger than normal. As a sniper which is an advanced class of archer, you can deal more critical damage!

You acquire BowFire and Bowrange which increases bow damage by +5 and increases range by 1 respectively! The mastery Skill acquired is Hunter’s Volley that allows snipers to attack twice!

Edelgard is a princess of Adestrian empire. Her initial class is Noble and her weapon at the start is Iron Axe.

She is weak to Bows and Faith attacks but is strong when it comes to Swords, Axes, Authority and Heavy armour!

As an intermediate she is a Lord and is capable of wielding swords excellently! Skills include charm which allows the allies to deal 3 more damage.

Two mastery skills are also acquired including Class Mastery Res+2 and Subdue that increases Res by 2 and attacks the enemy leaving only 1 hp respectively!

At the advanced level you are a fortress knight, slower than armored knight but capable of taking and dealing more damage.

The skills you acquire Axefaire and Weight -5 both these allow +5 Attack and reduction in total equipment weight by 5.

The class mastery skill acquired is Pavise which reduces Axe, sword, lance and brawling damage by half. The other advanced class is Warriors that are capable of taking down Fortresses and Armored knights easily!

The skills acquired are AxeFarie and Axe Crit +10 both these allow +5 attack and +10 critical attack and the mastery skill acquired is Wrath which will allow you t execute a +50 critical attack if you are below 50% Hp and a foe attacks.

The prince of Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and his beginner class is a noble! The starting weapon is either Iron Lance or an Axe and is weak to Axes and reasons.

The strengths are Swords, Lances and Authority! As an intermediate Dimitri is exactly like Edelgard! The difference arises in advanced classes which in case of Dimitri are Hero and Paladin.

Paladin is an improvement over Cavalier as it has more strength and better defense! As Paladin can travel longer than any other class they survive better in solo situations.

The skills acquired are Canto, LanceFaire and Terrain Resistance which allows the unit again after completing certain action, grants attack +5 lance damage and nullifies damage from terrain!

The mastery skill is Aegis allowing you to reduce bow and magic damage taken to half.

Hero is an improved form of mercenary hence have better speed and strength! This allows better avoidance and better counterback damage!

Only males can becomes heros so Dimitri is lucky. The Skills acquired are Vantage and Swordfaire where Vantage is same as Byleth but Swordfaire increases sword attack damage by 5. The mastery skill is Defiant Str which grants Str +8 when hp is below 25%.

Heir to a Leicester Alliance’s most prestigious house, starting as a noble with Iron bow as the initial weapon. The weaknesses are lance and faith while the strengths are Swords, Bows, Authority, Riding and Flying!

The Intermediate class is a lord. Now only Claude, Dimitri and Edelgard can be nobles! You are already familiar with lord’s skills.

The advanced classes include Sniper and  Wyvern Rider out of which Sniper has already been briefed. The riders have better hp and strength than Pegasus Knights so they are much more difficult to take down.

The skills include Canto and AxeFaire which are not new but the mastery skill Seal Defense is, resulting in: If unit damages foe during combat, foe suffers Def -6 for 1 turn after combat

Linhardt is Count Hevling’s son and he starts as a noble! His starting weapon is a Training sword and he is weak to Axes and brawling. His strength on the other hand are Reason and faith! As an intermediate Linhardt in a priest! Priests are briefed in Byleth’s briefing.

The advanced classes include Bishop and Warlock! Bishop is a next tier of the priest class which can harness the power of White magic and aid the allies in combat. Bishops have access to both offensive and supportive spells.

The skills acquired as a Bishop are White Magic Heal +10 and White Magic uses x2 allowing you to use white magic twice. Terrain resistance is also acquired allowing nullification from terrain damage.

The Warlocks have the ability to use Dark magic most effectively! They also achieve full proficiency in reasoning.

The skills they acquire include Black TomFaire and Black Magic uses x2 allowing +5 attack using black magic and using black magic twice respectively. The mastery skill is Bowbreaker granting +20 attack when used against bow users.

Being an adopted son of Lord Lonato and a member of blue lions, Ashe starts as a commoner with an Iron Bow. At the intermediate level he is an Archer so it allows him to deal damage from afar. As an archer he acquires Bowrange +1 increasing bow range by 1 and Class Mastery Hit that increases hit by +20.

The Intermediate Classes include Sniper and Assassin. Snipers have been talked about already but assassins still need an oversight. Assassins are lethal as they can kill the enemies with one lethality skills. The skills include.

  • SwordFaire: +5 attack with a sword
  • LockTouch: allows units to opens doors and chests without keys
  • Stealth: makes it more difficult for foes to target the units
  • Class Mastery Lethality : instantly kills a foe with one strike
  • Class Mastery Assassinate: instantly kills enemies( exclusive to assassins)

Hilda is the Duke’s only daughter and is rather bratty. She belongs to the Golder Deer faction and starts as a Noble with an Iron Axe. At intermediate level she is Pegasus Knight and Brigand. Brigands are the close range combat specialists.

They have high physical strength and Hp and Go face to face with enemies in the battlefield. The Skills they have include Class Mastery Skill Death Bow which allows your to grant +6 Str if you initiate the Combat.

Pegasus Knights are the other class in intermediate level and are also close range units but more mobile.

They can fly and cover distances in shorter time but are vulnerable to archers. They are exclusive to  female units only.

The skills they have Canto and Avo +10 allowing moving again after deploying one attack and increasing Avo by 10 respectively.

Just like Edelgard, Hilda becomes a Warrior in the advanced stage which you already are well aware of.

Yuri is the leader of Ashen Wolves who resides in the Abyss. Yuri starts as a commoner and as his classes level up, he becomes a thief and a trickster accordingly.

Thieves are physical combatants who double as utility units.

They have high speeds allowing them to attack the targets multiple times! They are good in picking pockets and picking locks etc. They can wield sword and knives too. The skills they have include LockTouch and a mastery skill Steal.

The mastery skills allows the unit to steal a non-weapon item faster from a foe with a lower Speed Stat.

The advanced form is a Trickster and as the name suggests they are cunning creatures that do not primarily involve is combats rather they use magic.

Thieves can level up to graduate and become tricksters. The skill a trickster posses is Foulplay which allows the unit to swap position with an ally in close range.

Constance is an aristocrat and carries the Nuvelle bloodline. She starts as a Noble and her initial weapon is a Fimbulvert.

She has no intermediate class but becomes a Dark Flier in the advanced class. The Dark Fliers are actually Pegasus Knight graduates.

As they are flying units they cant stay close to archers. They are unique because they combine infantry with the ability to fly.

The skill they posses is Magic Conversion which allows them increase all stats by 3 after receiving magic damage in first phase, till the next phase.

Balthus is a noble with a strong physique. He is the oldest member of Ashen Wolves and is proficient in close quarters. He loves using gauntlets and calls himself “ The King of Grappling”.

As said before, he starts as a noble with Vajra-Mushti as his initial weapon. He doesn’t have an intermediate stage rather he goes directly into advanced stage as a War Monk.

War monks can use both melee and magic attacks but they do require some time as in the start they have weapon restriction against foes.

They also have better healing tendencies so they soak the hits better. The skill they acquire is Distant hit which allows the unit to attack the foes that are 1 to 2 tiles away.

Hapi is a female member of Ashen Wolves and specializes in cavalry and magic. She starts as a commoner and her first ever weapon is Banshee Theta. She jumps directly to the advanced class to become a Valkyrie.

Valkyries are female exclusive class and have a strong grip over magic use. They can be either offensive and supportive according to the team’s need.

Valkyries can draw magic damage away from allies. As they have higher speed they can reunite with the allies faster. The Valkyrie does not have a special class skill.