Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows Chapter 3 Walkthrough

As Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC starts, you are going to interact with Aelfric and he is going to brief you on the chapter. In this guide, we will do the exact and give you information about Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows Chapter 3.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows Chapter 3

There is an upcoming battle for which you have to be prepared. You would need some cash so sell your Bullions and buy items for the battle. Also, replenish your Battalions before the start of Chapter 3 of FE3H DLC.

Later, as you progress in the chapter, you’ll interact with Constance and the Ashen Wolves. Once you have interacted with them, your battle “Search for the Chalice” will begin.

Start the battle by getting your units together and take on the enemies on the left side. Deal with the human enemies and the golems.

Use one section of the four tiles attacked by your units which is going to break a section of its armor. This is going to stun them and you will have them open for your next attack.

Use Battalion Gambits to break off all of the golem’s armor to obtain ores in Cindered Shadows DLC.

Once you are done with the enemies on the west side, you need to start off for the south side. Deal with the enemies by using Byleth, Dimitri, or Edelgard.

Form a two column for Ashe’s Retribution gambit by positioning Byleth, Balthus, Edelgard, Yuri, Dimitri, and Claude. Now they all can be prepared for the upcoming attacks.

You need to take down the golem so when it comes to Marcelle, you can fight it alone. It is much easier that way.

Defeat Marcelle to obtain the Spellbreak Key that you need to deactivate the statue. Move southeast in order to take on Simone.

Divide your unit and have Dimitri and Edelgard take on Simone and also damage the golem behind it.

Now use Edelgard’s Blaze gambit or use a Combat Art to damage Simone. Use Byleth or Ashe for the human enemies and have Constance and Hapi use magic on Simone to finally take it down.

Give the key to Cavalry units or Fliers who will be able to travel through the map faster and reach the statue before the Golem can deal enough damage.

Your focus should be to break all the four yellow parts of the Golem’s armor before their HP bars run out and this will stop their movements.

Go to the switch in the southeast corner and use the key to find the chalice. Once you communicate with the switch, you are going to complete your mission.