Fire Emblem Three Houses: Cindered Shadows Chapter 2 Walkthrough

This guide contains the complete walkthrough of Fire Emblem Three Houses: Cindered Shadows Chapter 2.

Titled What Lies Beneath, Chapter 2 of the Cindered Shadows DLC includes a number of obtainable items, enemies’ encounters, and the most special part – Ambush in the Arena.

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Cindered Shadows Chapter 2

After completing chapter 1, you have to explore the Abyss and talk to its residents. An additional option will be available to you then stating ‘To Battle’.

Select the option and you will be moved forward through the story. You will then have some conversations in the story with Yuri, Edelgard, Balthus and then Yuri again.

Select proper replies to them so that they can allow you further into the battle ‘Ambush in the Arena’ of Cindered Shadows Chapter 2.

Exploring the Abyss
Here is when the actual Chapter 2 starts. When you go back to Abyss, the Sword of the Creator will automatically be repaired so that it can be used in the upcoming battle.

But do note the number of uses you are allotted so that you don’t use it fully even before the actual battle.

As you will be having quite limited resources in this chapter, you must pay attention to Blue Glowing spots. These spots have supplies of weapons hidden which prove a great advantage for your upcoming battle.

Ambush in the Arena
You have been preparing for this battle and when the battle starts, you must check all your inventory and supplies.

In the very beginning, the Byleth’s group will be separated from the Ashen Wolves’ group. It proves to be a good strategy to keep this in mind and plan your moves accordingly.

For the Byleth’s squad, position Edelgard and Dimitri as vanguards upfront and your range units at the back. Head North in this position and then let your ranged units take the high grounds to snipe the enemies.

For the Ashen Wolves squad, pull back a little to the North and avoid getting in range of the enemies.

After taking out the assassins, move the enemies towards East while taking them out along the way.

There are several Defensive Tiles on the floor which can be used to evade enemy moves. Have your units bait enemies in so that they attack you while you are standing on the Defensive Tiles.

More enemies will also appear in the Northeastern section. Position your Ashen Wolves units on Avo tiles to be able to dodge attacks.

It will also be a good practice to use your Byleth’s Sword of the creative against incoming enemies and make ranged attacks. Every battle will replenish its durability so you must take notice of this and so use it as frequently as it allows you to.

Once you have defeated all the enemies, your objectives will change as the Death Knight appears. At this moment, you have to make sure to sway the enemies aside from the Death Knight.

This is pretty much all about Chapter 2 and Ambush in the Arena battle