Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters Likes and Dislikes Guide

Characters' Likes and dislikes in Fire Emblem Three Houses play an important role when it comes to recruiting and romancing.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of what different students belonging to different houses like and dislike. Knowing this information will help you out when it comes to recruiting and even romancing different characters in the game. In this guide, we have listed the likes, dislikes, and interests of all the different characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters Likes and Dislikes

The following list contains the interests, likes, and dislikes of each character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The list includes all characters from the Blue Lions, Black Eagles, Garreg Mach Monastery, and Golden Deer.

Knowing all these idiosyncrasies about the characters will help you respond properly to the classroom personal problems and advice box personal notes.

Black Eagles

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
EdelgardReading, Exploring aloneGifted people, Debating historical outlooks and strategies, Nature, Attractive sceneriesOld-Fashioned values, Crests, Mice, Chains, Swimming, Going out of control
HubertStrategy and tactics research, Defending EdelgardCoffee, Irony, Intelligence, Skillful peopleThe Church of Seiros, People who trouble Edelgard, Gambling, Heights, Nostalgia, Clumsiness
DorotheaMusic, ActingDecorative Accessories and Ornaments, Tiny animalsConceited nobles, Herself
FerdinandNobility, Gathering armorRiding on horses, Tea, Justice, Nobility, HeightsLaziness, Nobles who are not noble
BernadettaDrawing, Music, ReadingEmbroidery and knitting, Writing her own novels, Strange creatures, Stuffed animals, IsolationInteracting with people, Intimidating figures, Overly-Dominating fathers
CasparEarly mornings, Quick breakfasts and TrainingFighting, Defeating EvilLiars, Inequity, the rain and Wasting time
PetraStudying, Hunting and Hide TanningGoing for a swim in the Ocean, Sunshine, Going up trees, Family, Her native homeMathematics, Slothfulness, Inequality
LinhardtCrest Study, SleepingReading, Fishing, Naps, Sweets, Strange creatures, Stuffed animals, IsolationBlood, Weapons, Duty, Fighting, Self-Restraint, Politics, Ghosts

Blue Lions

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
DimitriTraining for battle, Weapon repairingFighting, High-Quality weapons, Strength and power training, Going on long rides, Physically-Tiresome workEasy work, Soft objects, Pretentious people, Blazing heat
DedueCooking, HousekeepingFlowers and gardening, Arts and crafts, Needlework,People trying to attack Dimitri
FelixPracticing with swords, Weapon repairingCombat, High-Quality weapons, Meat and Spicy Foods, Hunting,Light-Heartedness, Chivalry, Sweets, His dad
MercedesBaking, PrayingNeedlework, Stories about Ghosts, Sweets, Cute things, Painting, Reading, Sweet-Scented flowersSpicy Foods, Working Out
AsheCooking, Sweets, ReadingStories about chivalry, Travel Journals, Caring for children, VioletsConfined Areas, Ghosts, Violence, Deceit
AnnetteSinging, Dancing, Studying, CleaningWashing the clothes, Early morning walks, Dressing UpLow-lit places, Laziness, Dirty and places which are hard to clean, Coffee
SylvainTheater, Creative ArtistryVibrant places, Ladies, Board GamesEnvy, Dirty Spaces, Hot Days
IngridEating, ReadingCaring for horses, Meat, Samples of food, Stories about Chivalry, Virtuous KnightsLuxury, Hunger, Duscur’s folks

Golden Deer

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
ClaudeTactical Scheming, Organizing FeastsArchery, Long Rides, Subjects of curiosity, PoetryBlind faith in Gods, Reliance on chance, Being Bound by Common Sense
LorenzWriting poems, Looking after ClaudeRed Roses, Tea, Art, Worthy ladies, Things that befits the NobilityInequity, Dirtiness, Coffee, Foul Odors, Vulgarity
HildaCreating accessories, CommunicationCoercion, Fashion, Singing and Dancing, Vibrant FlowersBeing tired, Putting in effort, Responsibility, Extreme Heat or Cold
RaphaelEating, Working outPure Protein, Muscles, Training, his young sisterUnfinished Meals, Book Learning
LysitheaTactics and magic researchConsuming sweets, Lilies, Adorable thingsBeing seen as a child, Things which require physical effort, Sour foods, Ghosts
IgnaceGathering art supplies, Painting The Goddess, The Four Saints, Arts, Beautiful Landscapes, Pretty Flowers, Distant Lands, SerenityPeople who disregard Art, Lightning, Stressful situations
MarianneCommunicating with animals, PrayingThe Goddess, Reading, Soft flowers, BirdsCrests, Cleaning, Herself
LeonieSaving up money, Bow repairingCompetition, Captain Jeralt, Military Arts, Fishing, Gardening, Hunting Gathering and recycling used objectsLoss, Debt, Dissipation Poisonous creatures

Garreg Mach Monastery

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
ManuelaSearching for love, FashionDancing, Cooking, Needlework, Singing, Revitalizing beveragesBullies, Cleaning, Tidying, Bullies, Feeling ill after drinking too many beverages
HannemanComing SoonCrest Study, Clean workspaces, Handkerchiefs, Food cooked by other peoplePolitics, Untidy rooms, Unkempt clothing, Cooking, Corrupt Nobles
CatherineStrong opponents, FeastsLady Rhea, Training, Music, Tasty food, and Outdoor activitiesMathematics, Strange Foods, Tedious Tasks, and Needlework.
SetethWriting Fables, Defending FlaynFishing, Flayn, the Church of Seiros, DiligencePeople hostile towards Flayn or people who are a threat to the Church of Seiros
FlaynWalking around, Making FriendsMaking friends, Vibrant Places, Acquiring new knowledge, Taking about Love, Forget-me-notsLies, Overprotection from Seth, Seteth’s excessive interference, Sleeping too much
AloisFishing, Gather old coinsFamily, Sweets, Telling jokes, the Knights, Huge flowersTraveling by sea, Spicy Foods, Ghosts
ShamirHiding her presences, TranquilityThrowing weapons, Gambling, Archery, PaychecksCentipedes, Sweet Talkers, Spiders
GilbertFishing and Weapon TrainingCooking, Praying, and WoodcarvingHimself and Indolence
CyrilCleaning and NappingSmall Flowers, Practicing Archery, and Helping Rhea.He dislikes anyone who works for him and Rhea’s enemies.

Ashen Wolves

Name of CharacterInterestsLikesDislikes
YuriCooking and Providing for his motherFamily, Banquets, Sweets, and board gamesSinging in Public, Unlucky odds, Injustice, and irrationality
BalthusAdventure and Brawling  Grit, Fighting, Gold, women, Bravado, and Gambling.Getting an earful from Duke Goneril, losing bets, and Bounty hunters.
ConstanceDiscovering new spells and Staying ahead of the curveHouse Novelle, Showy Spells, and Magic   Vulgarity, admitting defeat
HapiCollecting pretty stones, Sunlight, bugs, and sky-gazingHumorous anecdotes, Freedom, and MusicDemonic beasts, Monsters, stifling sighs, conforming to expectations, preachy people, and knights


All the available gifts and who like and dislike them along with the cost is given below in the Table.

Gift NameLiked ByDisliked By Cost
Floral AdornmentAlois, Marianne, Dedue, Lorenz Caspar, Sylvain, Dorothea,100G
Fishing FloatLeonie, Alois, Seteth, Linhardt, GilbertCaspar100G
Tasty Baked TreatFlayn, Raphael, Linhardt, Jeritza, Lysithea, Yuri, Hapi, Ashe, MercedesGilbert, Felix100G
Gemstone BeadsManuela, Hilda, Mercedes, DorotheaCatherine, Hubert, Dimitri, Ingrid,100G
Smoked MeatFelix,  Raphael, Hapi, Petra, Cyril, Caspar, Ingrid Marianne, Manuela100G
Hunting DaggerCaspar, Jeritza, Hapi Shamir, , Leonie, Cyril, Felix, PetraLorenz, Annette, Linhardt, Marianne, Bernadetta300G
Watering CanBernadetta, Dedue, CyrilLorenz, Sylvain,300G
WhetstoneBalthus,  Dimitri,  Caspar, Catherine, Ferdinand,Flayn, Mercedes,300G
Stylish Hair ClipDorothea, Hilda, Flayn, AnnetteLeonie, Caspar, Ingrid,300G
Dapper HandkerchiefHilda, Flayn, Seteth, Sylvain, Hanneman, Bernadetta, Marianne,Gilbert300G
Armored Bear StuffyEdelgard, Hilda,  Mercedes,  Bernadetta, Lysithea, Marianne, FlaynFelix, Dimitri, Catherine, Lorenz500G
Training WeightDimitri, Raphael Felix, Leonie, Catherine, Caspar,Lysithea, Linhardt, Hilda, Bernadetta, Ignatz500G
Riding BootsFerdinand, Claude,  Dimitri, IngridManuela, Mercedes,500G
Tea LeavesFerdinand, Lorenz, Hanneman,  Constance500G
Legends of ChivalryIngrid, Catherine, AsheHubert, Hilda,  Felix, Seteth, Cyril, Lysithea,500G
Goddess StatuetteMercedes, Rhea, Ignatz, Yuri,  Anna, Manuela, Gilbert,Edelgard, Dorothea500G
Book of Sheet MusicDorothea, Manuela, Annette,Dedue, Dimitri500G
Arithmetic TextbookConstance,  Lysithea,  Hanneman,Yuri, AnnetteAshe, Catherine, Petra,500G
The History of FodlanSetethCyril, Dedue,500G
Monarch Studies Book EdelgardAshe, Cyril, Jeritza, Alois500G
Ancient CoinAshe, Rhea, Ignatz, Anna, Alois, BalthusMercedes500G
Owl FeatherAllNone
Pitcher PlantBernadetta
SunflowerShamir, Alois, Petra,
Forget-me-notsFlayn, Ignatz, Anna
Lily of the ValleyMarianne
Baby’s BreathCyril
Exotic SpicesPetra, Claude, Anna, Dedue, Shamir, Hapi, Ashe,Hanneman, Rhea, Alois,1,000G
Board GameYuri, Sylvain, Hubert, Claude, EdelgardAshe, Manuela1,000G
Ceremonial SwordBalthus, Dimitri, Gilbert, Felix, Ignatz,Annette, Edelgard, Bernadetta,1,000G
Coffee BeansHubert, Anna, Shamir, HapiAnnette, Lysithea, Ferdinand,1,000G
Book of Crest DesignsClaude, Hanneman, Linhardt, ConstanceLeonie, Sylvain,  Seteth, Petra1,000G
Blue CheeseCatherine, Manuela, Balthus, Anna,, Jeritza, Hanneman, Shamir, Claude, Flayn1,000G
Landscape PaintingSylvain,  Ignatz, Anna,1,000G

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