Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 9 The Cause of Sorrow Walkthrough

This walkthrough will take you through the Main Mission of Chapter 9, The Cause of Sorrow, in Fire Emblem Three Houses. We will also provide information about the other things going on in Chapter 9, like the White Heron Cup, so that you don’t miss a thing.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Chapter 9 The Cause of Sorrow

As the month begins, you are informed by Rhea that a ball will be held at the monastery that will commemorate Garreg Mach’s founding. The ball is to be held 1 day before the main mission, Salvation at the Chapel. At this point, Seteth also provides a brief outline of your mission to come.

Paralogue Battles

  1. Falling Short of Heaven. This is only available till 2/22. For this, you will need either Ashe or Catherine. You can also bring both of them for this.
  2. An Ocean View. This is only available till 2/22 and you will need Flayn to do this.

The White Heron Cup Quest

This quest is only available for this month. Speak with Rhea at the Audience Chamber and she will task you with selecting someone to participate in the White Heron Cup. It will be held when Week 3 starts.

You have the choice of picking any available student in your house or that you’ve recruited from other houses to participate in the White Heron Cup. To ensure victory you need to choose a student with charm of 13. You can also decide to go with a student of charm 8 as you can then raise their charm by 5 through special dance lessons.

If you’ve managed to add Dorothea to your students or already have her in your roster as part of the Black Eagles, she’s the perfect pick for this

Winning the White Heron Cup earns Dancer classes. Dancer is a special class, who dances for other units and gives them another move in the same turn. Along this, the Dancer is trained in sword and white magic.

Lost Items

Following lost items appear this month. The following table will provide information regarding their locations and owners.

Lost Item Item Location Owner
Folding Razor Training Grounds Hubert
Suspicious Dice (DLC only) Officers Academy Yuri
Songstress Poster Black Eagles Classroom Dorothea
Unfinished Score Blue Lions Classroom Annette
Blue Stone Golden Deer Classroom Ignatz
Princess Doll Reception Hall Lysithea
Balance Scale Near Cemetery Anna
Carving Hammer Knights’ Hall Gilbert
A Treatise on Etiquette Entrance Hall Lorenz
Lens Cloth Knights’ Hall Hanneman
Big Spoon Dining Hall Raphael
Repellent Powder (DLC only) North of Dining Hall Constance
Old Cleaning Cloth Second Floor Main Hallway Cyril
Clean Dusting Cloth Infirmary Manuela
Animated Bait Library Linhardt
Still Life Picture 1F Dormitories Bernadetta
Shiny Striated Pebble (DLC only) 1F Dormitories Hapi
Crude Arrowheads South of Dining Hall Leonie
Stiff Hand Wrap (DLC only) Fishing Pond Balthus
Evil Repelling Amulet Fishing Pond Ashe

Wyvern Moon Calendar

Date Event
1 Alois’s Birthday
7 Free Day (Fistfuls of Fish, Bonding Bites, Choir Festival)
8 Instruction
12 Bernadetta’s Birthday
14 Free Day
15 Instruction
16 White Heron Cup
20 Dimitri’s Birthday
21 Free Day Faculty & Knight Mixer
22 Instruction
25 Garreg Mach Establishment Day
26 Investigate the Old Chapel
27 Seteth’s Birthday, St. Cichol Day
28 Free Day

Salvation at the Chapel Mission

When the month starts, Seteth introduces you to your mission. You have to go to the abandoned chapel near the monastery to investigate the mysterious occurrences there.

After the ball as you head out to look around the abandoned chapel, you realize of the demonic presence there and everything escalates into an emergency situation. Jeralt comes down class to help you manage the situation and confront the demonic beasts.

For this, you have 10 units available to you. Along these, you have Jeralt who is a Paladin and 4 students who are nobles as allies. There are 5 demonic beasts that are the total enemy units. In the mission, you can find a healing staff in a chest.

There are 5 demonic beasts. You have to defeat them all to succeed the mission, and the mission fails if either all your units are defeated or if Jeralt falls in battle.

As for the battle scenario, three demons are targeting the students at the map’s edges, one for each group. This might be worrisome as the beasts are strong, but the students have elixirs that will help them survive longer.

As the fight starts, Jeralt heads to the center of the field and engage the two demons who are not targeting any group. You should send 2 or 3 units with him, as the mission fails even if Jeralt falls.

Each demonic beast is weak to a particular type of weapon. Recognize the weakness and play on it. The demon in the southwestern corner is weak to swords. Send one of your swordsman to him and this demon will be easily defeated.

For the demon in the northeastern corner, use a lance Cavalier who preferably has a battalion equipped. This demon is the most troublesome and you need to send your strongest units against it.

The demon in the northwest is far away, but do not rush towards it. The students there have elixirs and can survive. After you defeat the two demon, go to the one in the northwest corner. If Jeralt is still engaged in combat, head on to help him after you have defeated all the demons.

The battle is very short and once you defeat the demons, the mission ends. Once you have completed the mission Salvation at the Chapel, you can consider Fire Emblem Three Houses Chapter 9 completed.

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