Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 8 The Flame in the Darkness Walkthrough

This is our walkthrough for chapter 8 The Flame in the Darkness of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, containing all you need to get through it easily and without trouble. The celebrations for your win in the previous chapter will be cut short by urgent reports coming out of Remire Village. While scouts head out to the village, to bring more accurate news, you will have time to explore and do other activities. The scouts take until the 25th of the month to report back, and you can do whatever you want until then.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 8 Walkthrough

On the 25th, Jeralt comes and tells you that things aren’t going well for Remire village. Some villagers have been infected and are now attacking their neighbors. For Black Eagles, a dialogue option is available with Edelgard, reply with “It really is horrifying”.

The Remire Calamity

You will have a total of 10 units available to face a total of 26 enemy units during The Remire Calamity/The Flame in the Darkness in FE3H Chapter 8. The makeup for the enemy is:

  • 14 Rampaging Villagers
  • 3 Armored Knights
  • 1 Archer
  • 1 Mage
  • 1 Mercenary
  • Solon- Dark Bishop (Backup)
  • Death Knight (Backup)
  • 2 Cavaliers (Backup)
  • 1 Archer (Backup)
  • 1 Priest (Backup)

The items you receive from this fight include, a dark seal dropped by a Death Knight and 2 Crescent Sickles dropped by the Cavaliers.

A flier will be very helpful in this battle. Strategic placement is very important. Take out the rampaging villagers first, they will target one villager each and can go down in 3 to 4 hits, the ones at the center are easily picked off, worry about the ones more widely spread in the forest-riddled area. Saving the two villagers in the bottom right corner will be a challenge, one where a flier can be very important in completing.

Placing healers strategically so they can heal your allies even the ones at the bottom, can be ideal. Although the villager may use vulneraries to heal themselves, it’s better to not trust them to use it.

This will be Act 1 and Act 2 will begin when the party leader notices Thomas, on the edge. Thomas will then reveal himself to be Solon, a dark Bishop, and he’ll join the fight with the Death Knight and backup forces we mentioned earlier.

Make sure your party leader heads off in that direction, so you can acquire the dark seal that is dropped by the Death Knight once it goes down. A mage with the Dark Spikes ability can help take down the Dark Knight in 2 turns. Even if you don’t, set your strong physical characters on top of him and they will defeat him.

Although you should watch out for his major critical strikes. Get sickles from cavaliers, make sure to kill and acquire them because this and chapter 12 are the only two places where you can acquire them, so be careful.

Once these are dealt with, it’s time to shift your attention to Solon. All of his other troops will make for slim pickings for your units. The enemy will target Jeralt’s soldiers, you don’t really get any benefit from keeping them alive so feel free to let them die and use them as bait if you have no qualms about human sacrifices.

Left alone Jeralt will eventually bring Solon down to 1 HP, use the time in between to deal with the Death Knight and cavaliers. After that just head to Solon for the finishing blow.

After the fight is done, you get to meet the Flame Emperor, he invites you to his cause. Your dialogue choices don’t really matter here, because you won’t be able to join him, no matter what response you choose. Reply to Rhea with “It’s nothing” after the battle or your support with her will go down.

Side Activities

Below we provide all the important dates for this month in FE3H Chapter 8. Red Wolf Calendar Important dates:

7th – Lindhart’s Birthday

9th – Free Day – Lots of Large Fish, Faculty, and Knights Mixer

16th– Free Day – Lots of Large Fish, Faculty, and Knights Mixer

20th – Holy Kingdom of Faerghus Founding Day

23rd – Free Day – Founding of the Kingdom Celebration, Marianne’s Birthday

25th– Investigate Remire

New Paralogues: Tales of the Red Canyon (Available Until 1/25), True Chivalry (Requires Felix), Death Toll (Requires Raphael and/or Ignatz), Oil and Water (Requires Manuela and/or Hanneman).

Lost Items

Lost Item Location Belongs To
A Treatise on Etiquette Entrance Hall Lorenz
Crude Arrowheads Dining Hall Terrace Leonie
Songstress Poster Black Eagles Classroom Dorothea
The Saints Revealed Reception Hall Linhardt
Crumpled Love Letter Knight’s Hall Sylvain
Unfinished Fable Advisory Room 2F Seteth
Clean Dusting Cloth Infirmary 2F Manuela
Fruit Preserves Cathedral Mercedes
Well Used Hatchet Gardens Cyril
Foreign Gold Coin Fishing Pond Alois
Old Map of Enbarr Fishing Pond Flayn

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