Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 6 Rumors of A Reaper Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through Part 1 of White Clouds Chapter 6 – Rumors of a Reaper for Fire Emblem: Three Houses and providing every bit of information needed to complete this chapter in FE3H.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 6

If you want to learn about the quests and battles of Fire Emblem Three Houses Chapter 6, you’ve come to the right place. Below we have discussed the challenges you’ll be encountering in this chapter and the right strategies to deal with them. We’ve also touched on the items and characters you’ll acquire in this chapter. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

After reclaiming the Lance of Ruin from Miklan, you’ll make your way back to the Monastery. Upon arriving, you’ll hear the bad news of Flayn getting kidnapped. From here on, it’s on you to find Flayn alongside your mysterious student and bring them back safely.

Horsebow Moon Calendar

Just like other calendars of Three Houses, Horsebow Moon is a Monastery Exploration. Once you acquire it, you’ll be asked to investigate the free days of the month. Once done investigating, the game will ask you to either begin the mission right away or go ahead with the month.

You can use the month to practice your skills to perform better, or if you’re confident, you can begin the mission right away.

Supporting Characters
In this chapter, you’ll be acquiring the support of; Lorenz, Ignatz, Hanneman, Mercedes, Catherine, Sylvain, Ferdinand, Rhea, Ashe, Seteth, Annette, and Lysithea.

Lost Items

You’ll find a bunch of lost items to recover in Chapter 6 Rumors of a Reaper of FE3H which will include:

Antique Clasp
You’ll acquire Antique Clasp by the Fishing Pond from Flayn.

Agricultural Survey
You’ll acquire Agricultural Survey by the Stable from Ferdinand.

Gardening Shears
You’ll acquire Gardening Shears by the Training Yard from Dedue.

Black Leather Gloves
You’ll acquire Black Leather Gloves by the Training Yard from Dimitri.

Silver Brooch
You’ll acquire Silver Brooch by the Officer’s Academy from Dorothea.

Spotless Bandage
You’ll acquire Spotless Bandage by the Golden Deer Classroom from Hilda.

Silver Necklace
You’ll acquire Silver Necklace by the Entrance Hall from Gilbert.

How to Bake Sweets
You’ll acquire How to Bake Sweets by the Cathedral from Mercedes.

Bundle of Herbs
You’ll acquire Bundle of Herbs by the Cathedral from Ashe.

Hammer and Chisel
You’ll acquire Hammer and Chisel by the Second Floor Hallway from Hanneman.

Wilderness Survival Guide
You’ll acquire Wilderness Survival Guide by Leonie’s Room.

No Stones Unturned

Quest Reward: +500 Renown and Steel Axe.
This is your first quest in FE3H Chapter 6 After you’ve talked to the house leader, you’ll be apprised of finding Flayn in No Stones Unturned.

So to start the investigation, carry out your standard practice and gather information about the suspicious people. It would help if you also found clues from anyone that you think can provide a lead.

First, make your way to the treasure vault near the graveyard. Here you’ll find Leonie, who earlier mentioned that Tomas has been asking people about Flayn and Captain Jerald. Make your way to him and ask him about both of these people.

Then go to Ingrid, who’s near the Entrance Hall. Ingrid will tell you about Gilbert, who acts suspicious whenever Annette is mentioned. Go to the second floor and find him. Get Gilbert and talk to him.

Move on and go to the Dining Hall to meet Raphael. He’ll let you know about his doubts about Alois, who’s been oddly hanging out at the Fishing Pond Outskirts. Ask Raphael if he found something suspicious at the pond, and then visit yourself to investigate.

Felix will be present in the Dining hall too. He will express his doubts about Jertiza. However, since Jertiza is not here, you will talk to Catherine instead.

Afterward, go to Linhardt, who you can find in between the two halls. Ask him about Flayn and if he knows anything related to Hanneman as well. You’ll also find Petra by the Reception Hall. Go to her, and she’ll tell you about her doubts about Shamir. Look for her at the Marketplace and converse about her background.

Now go back to the Reception and meet Forthea. Forthea will be worried about Manuela, who ran away somewhere. However, Jeralt will inform her that she did have a mask with her, which could have been Jertiza.

After you’ve investigated with all possible leads, go to your house leader and finish the quest. Completing the quest will open a new path to Knight Quarters. Enter this area if you’re ready to have the plot move forward.

Special Delivery

Quest Reward: +200 Renown, Vegetable Seeds x5, Watering Can, and Mixed Herb Seeds x5.
Time to deliver some love letters! You’ll find a student at the front of the Training Yard who wants you to deliver a love letter. The letter must be delivered to someone who works the hardest in the Monastery.

Cyril is the most working person here so make your way to the Knight’s Hall and deliver him the letter. Come back to report the quest, and you’ll be done.

Herbs Fit for a Horse

Quest Reward: +300 Renown, Root Vegetable Seeds x5, Angelica Tea x2, and Riding Boots.
Go to Marianne at the Cathedral and ask her to help you get a quest for gathering medicine for a horse; thus leading you to find Herbs Fit for a Horse. Poetic.

After that, go to the Greenhouse and find the Birthing Herbs. You’ll find these herbs at the very back, so go there and collect them. Now go back to Marianne and collect the reward.

The Underground Chamber Mission

Its Showtime! After you’ve decided to enter the Knight’s Quarter, your team will find Mauela unconscious on the floor. A secret staircase will also be discovered, leading to a chamber where Flayn has been kept hostage by Death Knight. This starts The Underground Chamber Mission in Fire Emblem Three Houses Chapter 6.

Be prepared because you’re about to combat a total of 25 enemy units!

Dark Knight or Enemy Units
Just like the previous missions, you’ll be timed to complete your objective here as well. You have two choices in this mission. Either you’ll have to kill every enemy unit in 25 rounds, or you have to kill the Dark Knight. You have to fulfill one of the two objectives to complete the mission.

Both of these are pretty hard to do but can be succeeded if strategized well.

The map situation in this challenge is not ideal as well. For the first time, Warp Floors have been introduced. These floors enable you and your team to teleport to the units located between fixed locations only. However, it can be somewhat complex, as Warp Tiles are a trial-and-error thing.

There are also other tiles which include; Heal Tile, Avo Floor, Wardwood, and Cover. It would be best to occupy as many special tiles as you can to use them to your advantage during the battle.

Keep in mind that you will be battling without your house leader, so we recommend you invite a student from another house. There’s no doubt that this mission poses threats that have never been experienced before, but the right strategies can make you succeed.

Split the Team
To begin the battle, you must split your party. Since there are two routes, narrow and wider, you must divide the party into two teams. Balance your teams by strategizing well and send the first one through the Warp Floor.

They’ll have to make their way to the narrow corridors located on the right side of the map. Here, they’ll encounter archers, so make sure they are well equipped for combat beforehand and can attack at range.

The other half will go to the left side of the map. We recommend you put stronger characters in this team to attack these enemies effectively and then overthrow them completely.

It is also essential to mention that both of your teams must use healing spells and intake vulneraries to avoid damages. They can also make use of the healing tiles once the bar starts hitting low.

Ranged Attacks
To move further with your teams, assign the ranged units to attack the enemies with vulnerability to get rid of them quickly.

Other ranged units should be assigned to take down any enemy from a distance and behind the walls. Also, make sure to use some units to stick with the wall to spread out entirely to route all enemies.

Door Keys
To open the doors in this map, you’ll need to obtain door keys from the enemies. Target these enemies, and whoever gets the key can only unlock the doors.

Lever A
After you’ve unlocked doors and moved into the room with Lever A, three enemy units will arrive in to attack. Combat them by using a stronger unit at the frontline.  Once defeated, activate the Lever A for Warp Tiles.

Lever B
Warp into the second room with Lever B and deactivate special tiles, including the ones near Death Knight.

How to Defeat Death Knight

Now make your way to the Death Knight’s door. Since Death Knight is powerful and can deal with any damage, you’ll have to be very smart with your attacks. Use Gambit to weaken him and proceed.

If you can’t kill Dark Knight despite all the strenuous efforts, it’s time to flip the plan. Leave a mage alive in Dark Knight’s chamber and then have your thief run and steal his Dark Seal. If the thief can grab the Dark Seal successfully, kill the rest of the enemies before he fights back.

Once you kill the enemies and obtain the Dark Seal, the Dark Knight will be sent away by the Flame Emperor, and your quest will conclude. You’ll now be able to rescue Flayn and the mystery student.

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