Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide – Tower of the Black Winds

In Chapter 5 of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will be fighting a battle. This one is a tricky battle and you have to specially prepare your troops for this and will also have to complete a couple of quests as well in order to win the battle. If you are playing with Classic and Hard settings, then you might want to go through this guide and Walkthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 5.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 5 Walkthrough

First you will go talk to Seteth and accept his quest. You will have to find Jeralt and he will give you tell you a story about his mother and then you will go on complete the quest.

Go through all the conversations one by and complete all the quests coming up during these conversations.

Then you have to train your students as well for the battle (The Gautier Inheritance). Here the trick is to keep more focus on the characters with melee specialty and some of the support characters.

To complete the Blacksmith quest, just find an iron welding materials from the market and give them to the blacksmith. Listen to the conversations afterwards as well.

Heading into the Battle (The Gautier Inheritance)

You will be victorious if you defeat enemy Commander (Miklan). And you will be defeated if your all your units fall in battle. Before you rush into the tower, make sure to kill the guards with the help of your ranged and support characters.

Vice versa, protect your ranged characters by positioning your melee characters around them. This formation will protect your characters much more and you will have the maximum health till the end of the battle.

Use the special attack from Byleth and use that Sword of Creation to give maximum damage to the enemy. Two blows from that sword can kill an enemy.

First, Miklan the boss enemy will come in his human form, in this form he is vulnerable to magic so work those spellcasters and do the magic to kill off Miklan in the first form.

In second part, Miklan will transform into this demon kind of a beast and now the magic will not work on him. This time your melee characters with combat arts can kill him off in a combat fight.

This is how you will be able to go through the whole Chapter 5 of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This walkthrough is going to work in all the game setting from Normal to Hard.

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