Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide – The Goddess’ Rite of Rebirth

In our Fire Emblem: Three Houses chapter breakdown series, we take a look at the main objectives required to progress through the part in the game’s narrative. In Chapter 4, the game revolves around the training the students and the mission to Assault the Rite of Rebirth. This guide will cover the details on the walkthrough of Chapter 4.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 4 Walkthrough

This chapter will start with Casper’s Birthday. After this, the House Leader will approach you and will ask for you to collect some info on the enemies for him.

For this, you will have to go to the Monastery and ask around. The important NPCs that you need to talk to will be labeled on your mini-map.

In this chapter you will have to do a different quest, the first quest will be by Casper and if you manage to complete it you will unlock the fighting tournaments.

The second will be Ferdinand’s Quest which will unlock Tea Time upon finish. Tea Time is an activity that can help you boost your students or colleagues’ motivation.

After this, complete the quest by Seteth. In this chapter, you will come across an event named “Lots of Large Fish” which lets you catch bigger fish instead of the normal ones you catch usually.

Finally, there will be a challenge event by the head Chef in which he will prepare a specialty in which the effects of the dish will be enhanced for those who eat it.

The final part of this chapter will include the Assault at the Rite of Rebirth. The objectives for the battle are for victory the condition is to defeat commander of the enemy forces.

The condition for defeat is that all of the troops on your side fall in battle or the number of turns passes 25. The enemy forces will include a Mage Commander who will lead the forces followed by a Death Knight and 19 of the Weatern Church soldiers.

The strategy and tops we give you for the fight are that firstly do not go straight charging the Death Knight you will easily face defeat as he is very much high leveled.

The straight road is also filled by ambushes by mage soldiers. Instead, try going in from the sides and it would be better if you split your troops and charge from both right and left side.

Your main party can rush into the Mage Commander from one side and the troops on the other side can deal with the mage soldiers.

In this battle, the terrain can be used to your advantage as you can take cover and attack when enemies are in range.

You can push the Mage Commander easily as he doesn’t have much HP on him but when he gets low on health he can dodge many of your moves. But not to worry as you can use Divine Pulse to re-attack if you miss.

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