Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide – Mutiny in the Mist

In our Fire Emblem: Three Houses chapter breakdown series, we take a look at the main objectives required to progress through the part in the game’s narrative. In Chapter 3, there’ll be a particular battle you’ll need to fight. Read below to find out how to prepare your team before the big battle.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Before initiating the quest, it’s best to unlock arrangements for your battalions and increase the support levels for the faculty. The events leading up to the battle take a start when you talk to Rhea and Seteth at the Audience Chamber.

Later, you can speak with Jeritza which will allow you to manage your Battalions at the Battalion Guildmaster.

Interact with Jeralt to begin a side-quest for retrieving his Wooden Flask (on 2nd floor) as well as other lost items that grant bonus to your Support Level.

You can also unlock the Advice Box and offer solutions to the students’ queries for a boost to the Support Level.

You can do this by acquiring the side-quest from Mercedes and speaking with the NPC at the Cathedral. Finally, you can head over to Manuela and unlock Faculty Training by spending an Activity Point.

Now that you’re all ready for battle, on day 30, the Magdred Ambush will be encountered. Fighting by your side will Catherine, a legendary warrior as you and your team aim to defeat the mutineer, Lonato.

Let’s talk about the different mechanics and strategies of the battle itself.

The Battle

The fight starts with a cloud of fog covering the battlefield so that your vision is restricted to just a small radius. This puts you in a tough spot as it becomes harder to predict from where the next attacker comes from.

The best tactic is to move your archer and mage units behind the tank units. Enemy attackers usually arise from the upper-left side of the battlefield.

Your best bet is Catherine, who’ll fight fearlessly and one-hit kill most enemies. To aid her, move some of your units closer to her as you can’t control Catherine.

Meanwhile, you can focus on the other side of the battlefield where Catherine isn’t fighting, so that you’re able to suppress enemies on the entire field.

To make your visibility normal again, clear the fog by eliminating the Gaspard Commander who is a Dark Mage unit.

Now you’ll be able to observe the enemies from far out, including the boss, Lonato that you’ll need to face now. Before you can face Lonato directly, however, his Armored Knight guard must be taken down.

Catherine is best for this task as she can cripple the enemy rather quickly allowing Byleth and Edelgard access to the Lonato who is on a mount, in the upper-left of the screen.

He can deal devastating damage and heal himself, so you require a healer as well. Eventually, after 2 turns or so both of the heroes will be able to take down Lonato bringing an end to the battle.

If no units are lost in the battle, Secret Book and Goddess Icon are earned as rewards. After defeating Lonato, simply speak with Edelgard, Rhea, and Seteth to complete the quest and with it, Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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