Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide – Familiar Scenery

This is the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 2 gameplay walkthrough. In other words, this is the second chapter in our FE: TH Chapter Guide. You can check out Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 1 Walkthrough if you haven’t done all your Chapter 1 quests.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 2 covers the various quests of Familiar Scenery. Here is a short walkthrough:

After the events of Chapter 1, you will find yourself talking to the House Leader again.

Conversation with Dimitri

Reply Effect
As am I No effect
I’m a bit concerned

Conversation with Jeralt
You will converse briefly with Jeralt afterwards too. Here is the conversation:

Reply Effect
I think so No effect
Not quite

There will be plenty of events in the game afterward.

Important Events to Not Miss

Date Event
Harpstring Moon 5/9 Annette’s Birthday
Harpstring Moon 5/11 Free Time
Harpstring Moon 5/12 Lecture Day
Harpstring Moon 5/18 Raphael’s Birthday
Harpstring Moon 5/19 Lecture Day
Harpstring Moon 5/21 Saint Macuil Day
Harpstring Moon 5/25 Free Time
Harpstring Moon 5/27 Mercedes’ Birthday
Harpstring Moon 5/31 Mission Day

Use the days which have free time to improve your relationship with other people. You can also use your free time to share meals, cook with other students or even do choir practice.

Talk to Jeralt and you will be given a new side quest. This unlocks the *use of Battalions in future battles*.

Talk to the Head Chef to start the Creative Cuisines side quest. Complete the A Passion for Music side quest that you’ll get from the Choir Coordinator to gain access to choir practice.

During the 5/31 day, you will get the mission ‘Red Canyon Dominance’.

Red Canyon Dominance

Rewards: To be Added

This is a simple quest. After the conversation, you will head into battle. Defeat all enemies to complete the quest.

To easily complete this quest, use the path to your left. These tiles are the fastest way to ensure that your characters will attack first, and strong.

The boss – Kostas should be in the upper left corner of the map. On the heal tiles. Attack him head-on, or use your technique. The battle can get rough.

Optionally, you can also search the map to find a chest that contains a Large Bullion. It should be somewhere on the map. After the battle, talk to Sothis.

Conversation with Sothis

Reply Effect
I remember this being a peaceful place… No effect
Since when has it been called the Red Canyon… Relationship with Sothis goes up

After a little cutscene, a conversation will spring up again:

Reply Effect
I’m not scared No effect
You surprised me Relationship with Sothis goes up
I’m sorry

While inside the cave, another conversation spikes up:

Reply Effect
Have you been here before, Sothis? No effect
Still, it feels familiar.


Reply Effect
Why are you grateful? No effect
Why are you…

Your House Leader will join in the conversation.

Conversation with Dimitri

Reply Effect
Why are you so worried? No effect
Puppy Love

This completes the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 2 Walkthrough. You can jump over to Chapter 3 at Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 3 walkthrough.

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