Fire Emblem Three Houses Chapter 15 Valley of Torment Walkthrough

Our Fire Emblem Three House Chapter 15 walkthrough will talk about side quests, conversations and activities so that you don't miss out on anything.

This guide acts as a detailed walkthrough of Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem Three Houses. This will include details about all of the quests you encounter in FE3H Valley of Torment, activities, conversations, and explorable areas available to you during Chapter 15.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Chapter 15 Valley of Torment

Chapter 15 of FE3H, Valley of Torment begins after The Delusional Prince and will be covered throughout this guide from the Golden Deer’s perspective so the enemies, allies, and conversations you have might differ a little.

We will be talking about all of the newly unlocked activities, side quests, conversations, and finally the main quest for this chapter, Ambush at Ailell will be covered in detail as well.

Anna’s Shop will be available for you to go to once you complete her quest ( The Secret Shop). This is the new area you will be able to access in Chapter 15.

A number of new activities will also become available with the start of Chapter 15 of FE3H. These activities can be completed whenever you want. The new one’s in Chapter 15 include:

  • Hunting Festival
  • Lance Tournament (Silver Lance +)
  • Fish of Mystery
  • Choir Festival
  • Golden Fish
  • Forgotten Hero (Paralogue)
  • Rare Monster Sighting ( Auxiliary)

Along with these activities, you can also partake in gardening activities at the Greenhouse to increase your professor level and cook meals at the Dining Hall. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot to do even before you get to the main quest.


New Conversations

With each chapter, new conversations with the members and students of your house are unlocked and you can strengthen your support with the said character if you choose the correct dialogue during the conversations. We will be giving you the correct dialogues for your conversations with Golden Deer students below:

  • Leonie: “Call me by my name.”
  • Raphael: “ She is very much like a goddess.”
  • Flayn: “ It’s true – it’s just like it was all those years ago.”
  • Cyril: “ Do you need any help?”
  • Shamir: “ All right, I will.”
  • Marianne: “ Something wrong?”

During your conversations with these students, if you choose any other dialogue options, then your friendship with them won’t get strengthened. You should always look for new conversations to strengthen your bonds before going into battle. All of the available support conversations are listed under the Support Menu.

Some conversations have cutscenes as well so if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, go right ahead and skip. All conversations can easily be viewed under the Extra section in the game’s menu.

New Side Quests

Chapter 15 of FE3H brings three new side quests with it. Those are:

  • Supply Run ( Rewards: 2,000 Gold, 200 Renown)
  • Undercover Commerce ( Rewards: Armored Bear Stuffy, Almyran Pine Needles x2, Almyran Mercenaries, 500 Renown)
  • The Secret Shop ( Rewards: Rose Petal Blend, Morfis Plum x2, Stylish Hair Clip, 500 Renown, Anna’s Secret Shop)

Ambush at Ailell

This is your main mission for Chapter 15 of FE3H. You and your troops must travel to the Valley of Torment and provide reinforcements to your allies who are already there. You will head into battle with 10 units and your main enemy in this mission will be Commander Gwendal and Ashe. Dialogue for truce is not available in this mission.

The Golden Deers will set out with 10 units and on this volcanic and crater-filled terrain we have a few tips lined up for you. Using these tips in battle will ensure that you and your units make it out alive with as little trouble as possible.

Mind Your Surroundings

Your first enemy is the terrain itself. If you end your turn while standing on the crater-filled terrain, you will constantly take damage so keep that in mind. The enemy is also aware of this and that’s why they won’t be using any Sword users. You should also swap out any sword breakers with ax breakers and have your archers and flyers do the heavy lifting this time

Bring some Keys

The battlefield has two chests for you to unlock so you should bring 2 keys with you and hand em over to the Flyers since they can reach chests the fastest. Have them fly around and unlock these chests to grant you decent loot.

Utilize Teleportation Skills

A handful of your units have teleportation skills and pairing them with your Faith and Reason skills can allow your units to avoid the tricky terrain and move about more freely. Keep these skills in mind while planning your next move.

Deal with the Commander First

You have to get used to the land quickly and go after Commander Gwendal first. It would be ideal if you manage to defeat Gwendal by the end of your 5th turn because failure to do so will spawn 2 Armored Knights with Judith on your side and losing them will count as imminent defeat. This will make things slightly harder for you so make sure you focus on the commander first.

Other than that, it’s standard warfare just like before, you get rid of the Commander, Ashe who is acting as an archer, and the rest of his unit to win the battle and finish this quest. In the end, Judith will have a chat with you and announce that she has joined your cause.

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