Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 12 Walkthrough Guide – To War

Welcome to the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 12 Walkthrough. This chapter covers ‘To War’. You can check out Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 11 Walkthrough if you haven’t done all your Chapter 11 quests.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 12 Walkthrough

The Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem covers the second last chapter of the game, story-wise. Without waiting, let us begin:

After the cutscene from the Holy Tomb in the Throne of Knowledge chapter, you will see yourself skipping several weeks, towards to the month of Lone Moon 3/21. Here are some of the important dates not to miss:

Important Events to Not Miss

Date Event
Lone Moon 3/21 Free Time
Lone Moon 3/22 Lecture Day
Lone Moon 3/27 Shamir’s Birthday
Lone Moon 3/28 Free Time
Lone Moon 3/31 Mission Day

These are the final days before you meet Edelgard again in the game, so be sure to use them very wisely. Your choice to roam leisurely will get you in a lot of trouble.

The best tactic would be to raise as many students as possible, in as efficient a method as ever.

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On the final free day – 3/28 – you will experience a rare monster sighting. This is the trigger for a very important quest of the game. A cutscene will play on the week just before the ‘To War’ mission.

Conversation with House Leader

This cutscene will lead us to a conversation with your House Leader. You will be given two choices:

Reply Effect
Don’t lose control out there.
Don’t act rashly. We’re in this together. No effect

And thus begins… the quest.

To War – The Battle of Garreg Mach

You will leave for battle on 3/31. To proceed further in the mission, head up and fight in the Battle of the Mountains. Your condition to win are to protect Rhea and eliminate all strongholds.

At the start of the Battle of the Mountains, most enemies should be close to Rhea. Focus on eliminating those enemies first. If Rhea gets captured, its all over. Do not let that happen on any condition whatsoever.

There are two strongholds on this battle. You will need to battle and defeat both of them. Do note that you’ll also need to defeat the stronghold leaders: Hubert & Death Knight.

They both stand on heal tiles, so you may need to use different tactics to defeat them.

After winning the Battle of the Mountains, proceed further and you’ll finally meet Edelgard. For the last time, hopefully. The game can only move forward if you defeat Edelgard.

After defeating Edelgard, you can move forward and a cutscene should trigger. The game’s most important time-skip will take place and you will be proceeded to the part of the game: Reunion at Dawn. The part 2 of ‘Azure Moon’ should begin too.

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