Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 11 Walkthrough Guide – Throne of Knowledge

This is the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 11 Walkthrough. You can check out the previous Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 10 Walkthrough if you haven’t done all your Chapter 10 quests.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 11 Walkthrough

After you’re done with the events of chapter 10, you should finally be seeing the end of the game approaching soon. This chapter is also known as the Throne of Knowledge. After the cutscene, a conversation with Rhea will spring up.

Conversation with Rhea

Rhea is concerned about the Tomb:

Reply Effect
The Holy Tomb? No effect
A revelation?

Rhea will tell you about another mission:

Reply Effect
Do you think it wise to bring them into this? No effect
A mission? Now?

Finally, at the end of the conversation:

Reply Effect
Strange… No effect
Isn’t that too dangerous?

Anyways, after the dialogue cutscene with Rhea, you should now be given full access to your character. You can now head back and use your time on your own behalf. Here are very important dates that you absolutely shouldn’t miss:

Important Events to Not Miss

Date Event
Pegasus Moon 2/3 Hilda’s Birthday
Pegasus Moon 2/8 Free Time
Pegasus Moon 2/9 Lecture Day
Pegasus Moon 2/15 Free Time
Pegasus Moon 2/16 Lecture Day
Pegasus Moon 2/20 Felix’s Birthday
Pegasus Moon 2/22 Free Time
Pegasus Moon 2/28 Lysithea’s Birthday
Pegasus Moon 2/29 Mission Day

You should be accustomed by now, on how to use your free time wisely. Prepare your students and yourself by training with other faculty members and buff yourself up through the various Saint Statues.

Conflict in the Holy Tomb

Rewards: To Be Added
On Pegasus Moon 2/29, you will start the mission. This mission is a main quest of the game and needs to be completed to move forward.

The Holy Tomb contains both Humanoid enemies as well as Demonic Beasts, so be sure to stock up on supplies and buy items accordingly. The battle will be a long one, so be sure to have all your weapons repaired up.

Thieves & Flame Emperor

Deal with thieves before anything else. These little devils will steal your precious Crest Stones if you don’t deal with them quickly. The best thing is that they don’t respawn.

The Flame Emperor is the final boss of this Holy Tomb. She can be found in the south area of the map. Flank her from all sides and take her down with all the fire-power you will ever want.

Conversation with House Leader

After defeating the Flame Emperor, talk to your House Leader Dimitri. He will be observing the tomb. Conversation with Dimitri is important and here are two of the choices in the conversation:

Reply Effect
Are you OK? No effect
I can’t believe it. Edelgard…

Reply Effect
Don’t worry. No effect
We need more information.

After the conversation, the game will skip to the next chapter ‘To War’. If you wish to find out more, you can find out more information on Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 12 Walkthrough

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