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Starting your journey into the fantasy land of Fire Emblem but don’t know where to begin? This Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide will guide you through your journey into the first chapter of the game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 1 Walkthrough

As soon as you complete the prologue of the game, you should find yourself at Garreg Mach Monastery with Jeralt.

Chapter 1 of the game begins with a conversation with Jeralt. Jeralt will ask you two questions, and you can answer both of them however you like. They have no link to the actual gameplay/relationship with Jeralt.

Lady Rhea Enters the Game

Finally, the Archbishop of Church of Seiros – Lady Rhea – should introduce herself. When the conversation with Rhea springs in, you will be asked to choose from two options:

Reply Effect
My name is… Relationship with Rhea goes up
No effect

During the conversation, you will get to know that you’re in the monastery because they need a teacher, and you’re here to fulfill that quota. You will meet two other members of the church – Manuela and Hanneman.

Conversation with Manuela

Reply Effect
You’re a physician? Relationship with Manuela goes up
You’re a songstress? No effect

You will officially be given your first quest after this conversation.

Informal Introductions

Rewards: 500G, Vulnerary, Iron Sword
Head over to Rhea and talk to her to begin your first quest. This quest involves talking to everyone in the monastery. Head to the Second Floor and talk to everyone in there, listening to their babbling.

Head back to the first floor, towards the Reception Hall and talk to Edelgard. Talk to the students in the classes, as well as Dimitri and Claude in the Officer’s Academy area.

Finally, head back to Rhea and you will converse with the Heads of each house and get ready to choose the House of your choice.

Choose your House

We have written a complete guide on which house you should pick. Make sure you read carefully!

You will not be able to change your decision afterward. Return to Fire Emblem: Three Houses White Clouds after you’re done. After choosing your house, the game will skip through to the weekend. You will receive 1,000G on the spot.

Conversation with Hanneman
You will regain control while Hanneman is talking to you.

Reply Effect
Do what you can to find out. Relationship with Hanneman goes up
There’s no need to look into it. No effect

Hanneman will teach you how Crests work. The first quest finally ends here.

Suit Life of Whatever-You-Are

This is not a quest, but you should now finally be able to move freely. Here are a list of things that have been unlocked:

Unlocks Details
New Areas Dormitory 1F, Greenhouse, Dining Hall, Fishing Pond, Dining Hall Gardens
Conversations with all characters
New Activities Fishing, Gardening, Cooking
New Quests Fresh Catch, Green Thumb Beginnings, Share a Bite
Hidden Items to be discovered

Complete the three side-quests. You can find more information on how to complete these quests through our Side Quests Guide.

After completing these three quests, do random stuff till 4/30. Ferdinand’s birthday should be on this day. More importantly, you will get a new quest ‘Rivalry of the Houses’.

Rivalries of the Houses

This is a rather small quest that involves competing with the other houses. After winning you will enter a conversation with your House Leader.

Conversation with Dimitri
We chose the Blue Lions, and all our walkthrough will be based on Blue Lions.

Reply Effect
A victory celebration? No effect
I’m invited?

Afterwards, in the same conversation:

Reply Effect
You’re mistaken No effect
Is that so…

You will talk to Rhea.

Conversation with Rhea

Reply Effect
I did. No effect
Not really.

Another conversation will have the choices:

Reply Effect
My mission? No effect

Conversation with Sothis

Reply Effect
Right. No effect
I don’t understand…

And this is it for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapter 1 Walkthrough. After this big cutscene, the next chapter of the story will begin.

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