Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cuts Out “Submissive Wife” Bernadetta

Fire Emblem: Three Houses does a lot of work to build its characters, most of whom like Bernadetta have a dark and twisting backstory to deal with. Koei Tecmo, for reasons that can only be assumed for now, erased part of her lore with a recent update.

Bernadetta hails from the Adrestian Empire, and is therefore is a member of the Black Eagles. She is also of noble birth and a member of House Varley. However, despite her royal status, Bernadetta is an extremely shy character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She acts awkwardly in front of strangers, tries not to get out of her room in the dormitory, and feels greatly at ease while far away from her home.

The reason for Bernadetta to be acting in such a way is because of how she was treated by her father as a child. He wanted to make his daughter submissive, and would often tie her to a chair and leave her for days. He would also challenge her to remain quiet if she wanted any respite. The abuse is why Bernadetta is scared of pretty much everything.

The following is a dialogue from Fire Emblem: Three Houses where Bernadetta tells her story: “To train me to be a good, submissive wife, he’d do things like tie me to a chair and leave me there all day, challenging me to stay quiet.”

The following is the same dialogue but after the recent update: “To train me to be a good wife, he’d do things like tie me to a chair.”

Koei Tecmo stealthily removed the “submissive wife” part as well as how she was trained more or less to keep her mouth shut. There’s no word on why the developer did so except for speculation that it was due to an issue with the Australian ratings board. Regardless, the change messes up the actual context.

Previously, you could better understand why Bernadetta was so afraid. Now, you’re likely to think of her as someone acting weird. The change also lessens the dark nature of her father, which was a defining moment — at least previously — in building her daughter’s character.

This wasn’t the only update that Fire Emblem: Three Houses received recently. There was also a new Nintendo Switch firmware update that resolved a game-breaking bug. The issue was tied to the expansion pass and prevented the game from starting up by showing an error message. What players were being told was to either re-install the game without the expansion pass or download the individual parts of the expansion pass. The bug has now been officially squashed.

In case you need some guidance in your playthroughs, know that we have amassed an extensive guide for the game. You can find help for classes, hero relics, sacred weapons, main and side quests, recruitments, characters, and more.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was released a couple of months back and is now available on Nintendo Switch. It’s the thirteenth entry in the tactical role-playing franchise and has been hailed by critics worldwide.

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