Fire Emblem: Three Houses Battalions Unlocks Guide

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, battalions can help you turn the odds in your favor. They could be the key to winning. This guide will lead the way for you to get your hands on these Battalions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. To unlock these battalions, you have to finish a quest in a certain order. But before we get into the details, we will see how these battalions work.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Battalions

During a battle, you have the option to command a unit that can make a ton of difference if used right.

You can use a battalion for a special move on your foe. But you the character whose turn it is must have a battalion equipped. Each battalion comes with its capabilities and specialties.

Some battalions are capable of rattling the enemy making them unable to move on their next turn, while other battalions can do an attack that would push the enemies a tile back.

You also have to note that each battalion should be paired with an appropriate character that suits that specific battalion.

They should be equipped with the character of same stats e.g. a battalion of rank B will be paired with a character of the same rank or higher.

You can also purchase them once you have unlocked this feature and to unlock them you have to do as follows:

Unlock Battalions

To unlock battalion, you would have to do a side quest that comes up around Chapter #4. It could also be unlocked by Chapter #5 because these side quests are very hard to miss.

This side quest has the objective of finding the Captain’s Quarter. This could be done after you have finished your debut skirmish opposed to the rest of the houses and you are given some time to roam the Garreg Mach Monastery freely.

After you are placed in the Monastery head south to Jeralt to get a quest which is to find the captain’s quarters.

You won’t get a marker map for this, so this is how you can do it; go to the Monastery’s second floor by reaching the reception hall’s northern end and turn left when see a bridge and walk down the small corridor and find the stairs on your left that take you to the second floor.

Once you are there, go straight ahead to the open landing and turn right to go through the corridor.

A glistening gold marker will appear on your mini-map pointing at a room towards your left which is the Captain’s Quarter. Get to the marker on the Floor and press A to get Tactic’s Primer item and immediately unlock battalions for your battles. With the battalions you also get Gambits:


Gambits are those unique abilities that you get from Battalions attached to your character. Battalions already provide you with a stats boost but in addition to that you can also use gambits, but their use is limited by Charges. After a battle is finished gambits are replenished. There is also a way to boost gambits. As you already know about linked attacks you can link gambits with other characters which can increase their effectiveness. Defenders can be targeted by characters that have gambits equipped and if they join the attacker, they will boost the Gambit’s might and hit. Your character’s support level also affects the gambit boost.

Following is the list of all the battalions in Fire Emblem: Three houses

Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Alliance Archers Poisoned Arrows D
Alliance Armored Co. Disturbance D
Alliance Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Alliance Cavalry Assault Troop D
Alliance Duelists Mad Melee E 1,200
Alliance Infantry Lure E
Alliance Knights Blaze C 1,500
Alliance Magic Corps Group Lighting D 1,200
Alliance Magic Users Resonant Lightning C
Alliance Pegasus Co. Assembly D
Alliance Snipers Fusillade C
Alliance Veteran Duelists Absorption C
Alliance Wyvern Co. Impregnable Wall C
Almyra Mercenaries Fusillade E
Bandits Disturbance E
Cethleann Monks Resonant White Magic A
Church of Seiros Soldiers Disturbance E
Cichol Wyvern Co. Assault Troop A
Empire Archers Fusillade D 1,200
Empire Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Empire Infantry Lure E 1,000
Empire Knights Blaze C 1,500
Empire Magic Corps Group Flames D 1,200
Empire Magic Users
Empire Snipers
Empire Warriors Random Shot E 1,200
Empire Youths Disturbance E
Fraldarius Soldiers Onslaught B
Gloucester Knights Assault Troop B
Goneril Valkyries Assault Troop B
Holy Knights of Seiros Assault Troop
Indech Sword Fighters Retribution A
Jeralt’s Mercenaries Assault Troop E
Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Kingdom Foot Soldiers Lure Scheme E 1,000
Kingdom Knights
Kingdom Lance Co.
Kingdom Lance Soldiers Co-ordinated Lance Strike E 1,200
Kingdom Magic Squadron Group Magic: Ice D 1,200
Kingdom Snipers Fusillade
Kingdom Youths Disturbance E
Knights of Seiros Blaze C
Leicester Mercenaries Blaze B
Macuil Evil Repelling Co. Resonant Lightning A
Merchant Military Poison Tactic E
Remire Milita Disturbance E
Seiros Archers Fusillade D
Seiros Armored Co. Onslaught D
Seiros Brawlers Disturbance E
Seiros Cavalry Brigade Fire Scheme C 1,500
Seiros Church Soldiers Disrupt E 1,000
Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1,200
Seiros Magic Brigade Group Magic: Flame D 1,200
Seiros Magic Corps Group Flames D
Seiros Mercenaries Onslaught E 1,200
Seiros Pegasus Brigade Lure Scheme D 1,200
Seiros Pegasus Co. Assembly D
Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1,200
Victor Private Military Assembly C



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