Fire Emblem Heroes Job Class Guide

This Fire Emblem: Heroes job class guide will discuss attributes, matchups and more for the job class. Before you start the game you need to understand what different colors mean for the characters and their attributes.

Fire Emblem: Heroes Job Class

Colors Fire Emblem mean something; they represent different attributes for characters. Of course, every attribute has its strengths and weaknesses so you need to understand what they are.

You will also have access to different weapons for characters that will boost their stats and attributes.  Speaking of weapons, specific job classes use specific weapons.


Red Attribute

Weakness – Blue

Element – Flame


Weapons  – Sword, Spellbook

Red is best suited for Swordsmen class so play accordingly.  This will add to its Attack Power which allows it to deal more damage and allows the party to benefit.

Blue Attribute

Weakness – Green

Element – Thunder

Weapons – Spear, Spellbook

If you are playing as the Knight Class, go for the blue attribute. Your role is going to be that of a tank but keep in mind that you suffer from low agility.

Green Attribute

Weakness – Red

Element – Wind

Weapons – Axe, Spellbook

Any green attribute hero will have a decent amount of attack damage as well as have a massive HP pool. Fire Emblem: Heroes is a balanced game so its characters are that way too. Even though this character has more HP and attack damage, you will suffer from low defence.

White Attribute

Weakness – N/A

Element – Normal

Weapons – Wand, Dark Relics

White is a Non-Elemental Attribute and most characters that fall under it are ranged such as archers. They don’t have any weaknesses but there isn’t much they need support from the unit to do well in battle.

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