Fire Emblem Heroes Guide – How to Summon Heroes, Gacha System, Orb Requirement

Fire Emblem: Heroes guide will discuss a few aspects of the main game that will help you understand and get a hold of things. We will talk about heroes summon requirement, gacha system and more.

Fire Emblem: Heroes Guide

The gacha is your primary source of getting the heroes you desire. It is basically an in-game machine that allows you to have the hero you want by paying it orbs. So of course, you need orbs to get the best out of the machine. Each hero has a different orb requirement for summoning.

You will get a go at the machine for 5 orbs, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will get the hero you want on your first attempt.  It is like the slot machine so keep putting in your orbs to get more tries.

Here are the number of tries and amount you need.

Attempt – Orbs

1 – 5

2 – 4

3 – 4

4 – 4

5 – 3

The more you spend the higher the chance to get a powerful hero in less tries. Keep in mind that it is not wise to spend all of your orbs unless their is a character you really want.

To get any character, you need orbs and there are ways to farm them. Log in every day to get more orbs and also keep an eye on special quests of the day. These quests will be random but give you an opportunity to get even more orbs to summon heroes.

Head over here to know of more farming tips.

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