Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Character Builds Guide – Units, Class, Skills, Stats

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest offers a variety of units to choose from. Choosing the best builds for these units is important we have different builds.

Fire Emblem Fates’ gives you a tough choice between the Hoshido (Birthright) family or the Nohr (Conquest) family. If you choose the latter, you’ll have access to some powerful exclusive units.

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Character Builds

You’ll need to build each unit carefully and understand what they are and aren’t good at. This guide suggests builds for all Nohr exclusive units in the game, giving brief outlines of which class you should choose, as well as abilities.

Xander Builds

Build 1
Xander is best played as an out-and-out Vanguard due to the way his skill works. His growths in HP, Str, and Def serve him best when he is a Great Knight.

Abilities like Deadly Breath and Overbearing will deal good damage to units around him. Combine that with Luna for some crushing blows against heavy-armored enemies, especially when he is at full HP.

Add in Diamond Strike to deal with mages and he’ll be good to go.

Camilla Builds

Build 1
Camilla is an all-round powerhouse, but the best way to play her is as a Wyvern Lord. Give her Swordbreaker to greatly increase her ability with axes, alongside Deadly Breath and Overbearing.


Give her an extra boost of defense with Lifetaker, which will make her an excellent mounted vanguard. Vengeance is also a recommended ability considering her high skill, though Cut Through is a better option.

In addition to all this, be sure to leave space for Bowbreaker as bowmen can be effective against wyvern riders.

Leo Builds

Build 1
Leo is a powerful character with excellent base stats, so you can play him in a number of ways. The most conventional is as a pure mage due to his massive magic growth.

Combine the offensive and defensive powers of Vengeance and Lifetaker, and also use Bind to negate his lower skill and hit enemies with good avoid more regularly.

In addition, slap in Devilish Wind for some extra power, and he’ll be a devastating offensive character.

Build 2
While Leo does make a formidable mage, he also makes a fantastic mage killer. Make him a Dark Knight and that’s what he’ll be.

Use abilities like Tomebreaker and Magic Seal, and combine them with Vengeance and Lifetaker. Bind is also useful against foes he has trouble hitting, though it’s better to opt for Devilish Wind for some extra power.

Elise Builds

Build 1
Elise is one of the most magically potent characters in the entire game. This makes building her as a Strategist an absolute must, as he wouldn’t do too great as a Revenant Knight.

Give her abilities like Deadly Breath and Overbearing for some offensive power. Additionally, you want to give her the likes of Servant’s Joy to heal herself, and also Battle Command for to boost nearby units.

Elise is quite weak against physical, so give her a defensive ability like Swordbreaker as well. Elise can be quite brilliant as a support, so you might want to consider Inspiration as well, but her magic growth is so good that it’s best to use offensive skills instead.

Arthur Builds

Build 1
Arthur is a high-risk, high-reward, gambling character. His high speed and strength make him a formidable Brave Hero, but that’s the only class that he can really do well with.

His terrible Luck stats will make him a huge crit magnet, so you have to be smart about using him. Use a combination of abilities like Roundhouse, Sol, Luna, and Aegis.

At max skill, Aegis, Sol, and Luna will have a good chance to activate. His skill is quite high, so Roundhouse will definitely help get those crits.

In addition to these skills, consider Diamondstrike as well, as it can be used quite effectively when playing defensively.

Flora Builds

Build 1
Flore is a late game character, but she is absolutely incredible in what she does. She has three different class affinities, which makes her an extremely versatile character.

The first build is to use her as a Maid, though reclassing her several times to get abilities like Bind, Devilish Wind, Lifetaker, Vengeance, and any other defensive skill. This will make her an excellent all-round character.

Build 2
A more well-rounded build is to be more aggressive with your reclassing. This will give her extremely tanky aspects thanks to the likes of Axebreaker, Bowbreaker, and Lifetaker.

Getting both Axebreaker and Bowbreaker by reclassing her to Hero and Sorcerer will basically make her incredibly resilient. Combine that with Servant’s Joy, and also add in Vengeance and Sol to exploit her high skill to deal extra damage.

You’ll have a high damaging tank beat walking around with these skills, though it’s a bit difficult to pull off because of all the reclassing.

Pieri Builds

Build 1
Pieri works best as a Great Knight, as it gives her substantial growth in her strength and speed, as well as good defenses and exceptional resistance. She’ll have low health though, so give her Lifetaker as well as Diamond Strike for the defensive offense.

You should also consider Magic Seal to make her an impenetrable magic wall, but it’s not entirely necessary; Aegis is a better option overall. For offense, you want to give her Luna as well as Vengeance.

Her low skill might make it difficult to activate Luna and Aegis, but it’s still a worthwhile set of skills to compliment the other abilities.

Belka Builds

Build 1
The two best ways to build Belka are either as Wyvern Lord or as a Berserker. Berserker greatly helps her improve her growth rate.

As a Berserker, she can behave as a heavy tank, using Rally Strength, Axebreaker, and HP +5 for some added beefiness, defense, and support. Combine that with the likes of Rally Defense and Sworbreaker for a beefy ally with excellent defending.

Build 2
As a Wyvern Lord, every stat except speed and res is capped for Belka. Use Roundhouse to increase her crit rate, and Overbearing to deal damage while unmounted.

Additionally, you want to have Swordkiller and Axefaire to boost her damage output. Sol and Roundhouse work especially well because of her high skill.

Zero Builds

Build 1
Zero can either be offensive or a support thief. The first build will play him as an offensive mage-thief.

Play him as a Dark Knight to give him balanced growth, and keep abilities like Locktouch and Lifetaker. Add in Vengeance, Kunaibreaker, Devilish Wind, and also Pass. You might also want to take Magic Seal if you feel he is being target by magic too easily.

Build 2
The second way to play Zero is as an unorthodox support. Make him an Adventurer and acquire the likes of Locktouch and Pass. This will allow him to move around and thieve without getting into too much trouble.

Additionally, add in abilities like Lifetaker for some health. You might also want to consider Bowbreaker and Kunaibreaker. This will make most of the weapons in the game weak against Zero, giving him more time to thieve and easily pick units off.

Another very important ability is Proximity Shot to retaliate against nearby units.

Charlotte Builds

Build 1
Charlotte has some pretty high stats, with the highest HP growth on the Nohrian side. This makes her an amazing tanking offensive character.

The best and most recommended way to build her is as a Berserker, which can give her an enormous 95% HP growth rate, and 80% strength growth. Give her Tomebreaker to counter her abysmal resistance, and maybe even Resistance +2 for a small boost.

Additionally, for defense, give her Axebreaker. Aside from these defensive abilities, you should give her Axefaire, Roundhouse, and Sol. If you want, you can also give her Battle Command, though I would opt for Inspiration instead.

Whichever floats your boat though.

Benoit Builds

Build 1
Benoit is very much a tanking knight, and plays best as a General. He has some speed issues, so give him Defensive Formation to counter it. Roundhouse combines well with his personal skill, and Luna takes good advantage of his overall skill stat.

Axebreaker will give him some good defense against most weapon types, and Pavise will give him that extra boost. His armor and defense is excellent, so you can afford to give him the likes of Sol as well to further boost his offensive prowess.

Elfie Builds

Build 1
Elfie is quite decent, but her stats give her very restricted set of options in-terms of builds. She is best used as a General.

Her bad resistance can be countered with Tomebreaker, and Luna will greatly increase her damage output. In addition to this, give her Pavise and Diamond Strike to up her offensive-defensive abilities.

Elfie like Benoit is very much a tank, except she is better off as a pure tank than an offensive one. So, having Confined Defense is also a good idea with her, as well as Armored Blow.

Odin Builds

Build 1
Odin is one of the few who can utilize Hoshido classes, as he can be a Samurai (Trueblade, Weapon Master). He primarily makes a great Dark Knight, which is the focus of this first build.

Dark Knight will get the best out of his stat growths, and will primarily making him a strong physical, tanky character with a bit of magic on the side.

Use abilities like Lifetaker and Magic Seal to give him a defensive boost, then combine it with Vengeance, Swordfaire, and Vantage. Add in a couple of magic abilities like Devilish Wind and you’re good to go.

Build 2
Take use of Odin’s ability to use Hoshido classes and make him a Trueblade. Use abilities like Vantage, Vengeance and Lifetaker. This will give him all-round skills to deal damage as well as keep himself alive.

Tomebreaker is also essential as he does have relatively low res as a Trueblade, so keep that for him as well.

Luna Builds

Build 1
Like Odin, Luna can utilize Hoshido classes from the Pegasus Warrior branch (Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior). This build will however make her a Hero, as it seems to be the best option.

Give her Sol and Stubbornness to keep a good amount of HP. Additionally, take advantage of her Hoshido Classes with Mirror Strike to make her an expert mage killer.

Additionally, Kunaibreaker and Sun God are also useful, with the latter allowing her vanguard front units to stay healthy.

Lazward Builds

Build 1
As with Luna and Odin, Lazward takes use of Hoshido Ninja classes (Elite Ninja, Puppeteer). Making him a Ninja isn’t a bad idea. Give him Sol and Stubbornness to take advantage of his good skill and luck.

Snake Venom also works quite well, as well as Copycat Puppet and Puppet Break. This will make him a very good infiltrator unit. If you want, slap in Strong Riposte to take defensive use of his luck.

If not, consider Strong Riposte instead.

Flannel Builds

Build 1
Flannel is a werewolf, and there’s no point in playing him as anything other than a Managarm. Give him abilities like Odd Fang, Four Fangs for some real power. He is excellent at finishing off enemies with his wolf abilities.

Additionally, Beastbane gives him efficacy against specific units. You can also take skill-based abilities from other compatible classes like Sol, since he has high skill and stellar strength.

If you want, add in Odd Nap for some extra durability as well.


Build 1
Nyx is the definition of a glass cannon. She has absolutely devastating magical prowess, but can die from a sneeze. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Because of her fragility, she only plays best as a Sorcerer.

Keep her at a distance and rain death upon enemies. Give her Kunaibreaker for some added protection, as well as Lucky Seven to make her harder to hit.

Lifetaker is also a good option, as it’ll keep her in good health. Do consider Bowbreaker as well since ranged enemies will look to exploit her squishiness.

Aside from that, it’s all about offense, Malefic Aura works well if you want to up it a notch, as does Vengeance (though her low skill may not activate it often).

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