Fire Emblem Fates Builds Guide – Party Builds, Character Builds, Support, Attack, Defense

You can adopt different kinds of builds in Fire Emblem Fates. We have the best builds for you for different characters.

Fire Emblem Fates is a big game with many characters called ‘units’ that make up your arsenal. Each unit has his/her own identity, personality, traits, growth, and affinity towards specific classes. It’s up to you to decide how you want to build the unit.

Fire Emblem Fates Builds

At the start, it can be rather overwhelming, since Fire Emblem titles are very statistics-heavy. In this guide, we will suggest builds for all neutral units in the game.

If you want to see suggested builds for exclusive units (Conquest/Birthright), check out the following:

  • Fire Emblem Fates Birthright – Hinoka, Takumi, Sakura, Setsunna, Kazahana, Oboro, Asama, Orochi, Rinkah, Tsubaki, Saizou, Nishiki, Crimson, Yuugiri
  • Fire Emblem Fates Conquest – Xander, Camilla, Leo, Elise, Arthur, Flora, Pieri, Belka, Zero, Charlotte, Benoit, Elfie, Odin, Luna, Lazward, Flannel, Nyx

Below are suggested builds for all neutral or shared units. These units can be obtained in both Birthright and Conquest.


Build 1
Azura has terrible HP and defense growth; it’s so bad that it’s almost impossible to play her as anything other than a support. For this reason, her default Songstress is the best option.

Give her abilities like Sun God and Special Song to boost her healing skills. Additionally, you want to take Eastern Heart as well to keep herself in good health. Soar will also help protect her against aerial units, so it’s not a bad option to have.


Build 2
If you want to build her slightly offensively, you can choose Foreign Princess and combine it with Voice of Peace to give her an option to cripple enemies. In combination of this, give her Eastern Heart, and the usual Sun God and Special Song.


Build 1
Silas works well has a Paladin or a Great Knight. The former gives him extra mobility, while the latter will make him a lancer. Combine either one (preferably Paladin) with Luna, Sol, Diamond Strike, Axebreaker, and Stubbornness.

It gives you lots of attacking options as well as a good bit of defense through Axebreaker against several weapons. Sol will also boost his sustenance. He will make a good, balanced attacking unit who can even tank a bit with this build.

Build 2
Silas has very balanced stats, so it’s also viable to make him a defensive tank unit who can support other units in danger. Give him Kunaibreaker, Aegis, Sol, Rescue, and Axebreaker.

Axebreaker and Kunaibreaker will make Silar extremely resilient to most weapons, and Rescue will let him pair up with an ally to protect them.


Build 1
Felicia struggles with mediocre growth rates, so it’s viable to build her as a Strategist support. Give her abilities like Servant’s Joy, Battle Command, and Demoiselle.

In addition to this, you should also give her Kunaibreaker for some added protection, as well as Patient Assurance to give her enough firepower to add chip damage as a defensive unit.

Build 2
Building Felicia as a Maid is another good alternative if you wish to make her an anti-mage unit as well as a support.

Tombebreaker will give her advantage over magic, and Rally Resistance will also boost the team’s overall effectiveness against mages. Additionally, add in Sol and Servant’s Joy for survivability and support.


Build 1
Jakob is a character who works very well as a Great Knight. This will give him good might, and the ability to use axes. Use Tomebreaker for protection against mages, as well as Aegis and Diamond Strike for some damage.

Combine it with Luna for some additional power. Defender should be his final skill as it helps give him extra protection and stance.


Build 1
Mozume seems petite and fragile, but she’s an absolute beast. Make her a Weapon Master, and slap on abilities like Extravagance, Easy Life, and Sun God. In addition to this, you want to give her Aptitude while she’s training, then trade it in for Strength Seal.

The most important ability for her is Line of Death. This is a high-risk, high-reward ability that will increase her damage but also increases yours. That’s why you have skills like Extravagance.

Just make sure you have enough gold coins to use with her.


Build 1
Kaze comes with a permanent ability called Locktouch. If you want to build him as a thief, make him a Puppeteer. Give him Copycat Puppet to have two Kazes stealing stuff.

For offense, you’ll want to give him Lethality and Snake Venom to wear down enemies. Lastly, Kunaifaire would also be great to boost his offensive prowess.

Build 2
Make Kaze an Elite Ninja and a specialized killer. He’ll work as a classic rogue, doing a lot of spike damage frequently.

Give him Puppet Break, Kunaifaire, and Snake Venom. In addition to these, you’ll also want to consider using Lethality and Astra together – the skill duo can trigger together with Astra for a devastating combo.


Build 1
Asura isn’t a very good unit, as he is a prepromote and generally tends to join late on either sides. If you wish to use him, do so primarily as a lock-picker/thief, and not as a combat unit.

Give him Locktouch for this reason, and also Pass for extra mobility. Additionally, Snake Venom can help if you want to occasionally use him in offense. You should also give him HP +5 and Movement +1.


Build 1
Isana makes a fantastic Support if you make him Merchant skills. However, keep him as an Exorcist for the added benefits of staves.

Give him skills like Renewal, Effective Medicine, Household Cure, Extravagance, and Easy Life. His good defense will keep him alive, and allow you to move around healing others while also keeping yourself healthy.

Build 2
If you want to build Asana as a more aggressive mage, keep him as an Exorcist, but use abilities like Tomefaire, Line of Death, and then balance it with Astra and Renewal, Extravagance, and Easy Life.

It will give him enough defense and support aspect, but Tomefaire and Line of Death will combine well alongside Astra for some awesome mage killing.


Build 1
The ever-present Anna works best as a Strategist or Adventurer in Fire Emblem Fates. Give her abilities like Pass and Locktouch if you want to steal. If not, give her Tomebreaker, Kunaibreaker, Household Cure.

Take advantage of her huge luck and give her Easy Life and Extravagance. If you don’t want that, consider Copycat Puppet and Puppet Break instead. If you don’t wish to make a thief, consider support abilities like Servant’s Joy or Rally instead.

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