Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Character Builds Guide – Units, Class, Skills, Stats

Fire Emblem Fates is here, and it brings a host of new characters that will form your units. This guide will cover builds for Hoshido (Birthright) exclusive units in the game, suggesting builds for them.

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Character Builds

Each Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Character build will describe which class you should use for them, as well as their skills.

Hinoka Builds

Build 1
A good way to build Hinoka is as a Holy Lancer. She’ll play the role of a secondary tank while dealing a decent amount of damage and also having enough supportive aspects to make her extremely useful.

Use abilities like Defense Seal and Speed Seal to give yourself a good advantage over enemies, and combine it with Lancefaire for extra damage. Substitute is also vital for the tanking aspects.

Build 2
A balanced way to build Hinoka is as a Falcon Warrior. She will have good all-around stats and enough mobility and skill to play as an offensive support.

Use Eastern Heart and/or Sun God if you wish to make her more support oriented, or Lancefaire and Breaking Sky. Ideally, you’d want a mixture, so slap on both and you could go to party as an attacking character as well as a support.

Takumi Builds

Build 1
As a bowman, the best and most obvious way to build Takumi is as a promoted Holy Bowman. For this reason, skills like Prescient Victory and Bowfaire become obvious.

However, to get the best out of Takumi as a Holy Bowman, give him Sun God as well. This will give Takumi’s need for protection by others a purpose.

Breaking Sky also works great with Takumi, as his base Skill and growth is fantastic.

Build 2
As a Lance Fighter, Takumi can be useful as a support or as an impact character able to use the likes of Breaking Sky to take advantage of the large Skill.

Use that with Proximity Shot, then top it up with more supportive abilities like Sun God, Defense Seal and Speed Seal. This will allow you to debuff enemies that attempt to attack Takumi.

Sakura Builds

Build 1
Sakura’s incredible base stats and versatility make her great. If you have plenty of support characters, turn her into an Exorcist. This will let you take advantage of Sakura’s incredible magic stats and destroy enemies with low resistance.

Skills like Tomefaire and Swallow Strike will deal immense damage, while Miracle will allow you to increase Survivability. You can slap on Sun God and/or Renewal to boost her survivability.

Build 2
An alternate way to build Sakura is as a Falcon Warrior who carries out support duties. She will have great mobility through a Pegasus, giving you a chance to move amongst your formation and provide healing support quickly.

Skills like Miracle, Renewal, Eastern Heart, and Sun God are a must-have if you want to make her a support. If you wish, slap on Mirror Strike for some minimizing damage as well.

Setsunna Builds

Build 1
Setsunna is a capable ranger as well as a fantastic Ninja. A great way to play her is an infiltrator elite nina/puppeteer. She will struggle dealing damage with Shurikens due to low might, so give her Kunaifaire and Snake Venom to increase her damage output.

If you’re going for a Puppeteer promotion, Copycat Puppet can give her great utility ability. You should also consider Locktouch if you wish for the convenience of not needing keys to open chests and locked doors.

Build 2
Setsunna may appear to have the personality of a ninja initially, but she can do wonders as a Holy Bowman. Give her Prescient Victory and Bowfaire along with Snake Venom to greatly boost her damage.

If you want to give her arrows even better efficiency, use Copycat Puppet alongside these, though subbing them for Proximity Shot can be better if it’s available.

Her lack of strength can be a problem, so forge weapons that have large might and crit to negate the deficiency.

Kazahana (Hana) Builds

Build 1
Kazahana is an expert Trueblade, so keeping her such is recommended. Use abilitiesi like Magic Counter and Swordfaire to increase her efficacy, tasking her to be the finisher and anti-mage unit.

Vantage also works well. Of course, with all this, you should also seriously consider the likes of Renewal and Miracle to save her from disaster in case you place her in tight places. She’s a paper warrior, so you’ll need defense.

It’s difficult to build Hana in any other way. She doesn’t do too well as a Weapon Master, and her stats aren’t good enough to serve the role of the priestess. Using her as a high risk, high reward Trueblade is generally the best way to go.

Hinata Builds

Build 1
Hinata is a strong, tankish character with absolutely terrible speed and skill. However, his versatility and personal skill allow him to be a formidable Weapon Master.

Skills like Strength Seal, Line of Death, and Ogre Strike make him a great damage deal. Having all these together make him formidable, but add in something like Strength Seal or Counter to make up for his slow speed.

Build 2
As an Oni Savage, use Hinata as an initiator. Vantage alongside Ogre Strike, Resistance Seal, Shove, and Lancebreaker should help him have enough staying power as well as giving the necessary tools to deal a good amount of damage.

It’s a little dangerous, but having a healer next to you in such situation helps aplenty.

Oboro Builds

Build 1
Oboro has balanced stats that make her a good vanguard, especially when used as a Holy Lancer.

Use abilities like Defense Seals, Speed, and Lancefaire to give her enough power to crush her foes. It’s also advisable to go for Household Cure so she can heal herself without giving up on her offensive ability.

You can even go for Breaking Sky.

Build 2
This is quite similar to Build 1, but it’s even more offensive, and built specifically to cripple Nohrians. Use Flamboyant, Lancefaire, Breaking Sky, and Extravagance to shred through Nohrians in some of the heavier chapters.

Using Extravagance (provided you have Golden Coins) can really help boost up the use of Flamboyant. This in turn will activate Breaking Sky more. Be sure to compensate the Golden Coin expenditure with Easy Life on some of the low-key chapters!

Asama Builds

Build 1
Unfortunately, Asama is a result of some really poor design by the developers. He has absolutely everything needed for a warrior, but is a priest.

His HP, Defense, Skill, and Speed are all very good, but Res and Magic stats are atrocious, so it makes him an extremely limited character to build effectively as a support.

The best way to deal with him is to make him a Great Merchant or Mountain Priest. Abilities like Miracle, Renewal, Easy Life, and Extravagance should give him a good mix of offense and defense.

Magic Counter is also extremely important, since it will make up for his bad Resistance stats.

Orochi Builds

Build 1
Orochi’s incredible magic stats makes her the most potent mage in the game. She tends to work best as an Exorcist. Give her Tomefaire and Breaking Sky to greatly increase her damage output.

In addition, you should consider Household Cure for better sustenance. For the largest part, you should also consider Fortune with Flamboyant to level her quickly, then ditch that for something like Copycat Puppet and Flamboyant.

Orochi doesn’t really do great as a Basara or Puppeteer because of her lack of physical strength, so using her as a pure damage-dealing mage is arguably the best way to build her.

Rinkah Builds

Build 1
Rinkah offers several build options, but one of the better ways to build her is as a tank unit. She has low HP and Strength, but her base class allows her a decent enough growth to be survivable.

Her defense also helps in the matter. Skills like Counter and Ogre Strike work great, and you can add in Snake Venom for some extra crit, taking advantage of her high skill.

Build 2
Another way to play Rinkah is as a versatile damage dealing tank. Make her a Shura to give a good defense boost, and then use the likes of Lethality to make her even more formidable.

Combine this with Ogre and Counter and you’re good to go.

Tsubaki Builds

Build 1
Using Tsubaki as a Golden-Kite Warrior can prove to be very useful. The character doesn’t act like a conventional Pegasus Rider, so use abilities like Flowing Strike along with Mirror Strike.

Add a pinch of Eastern Heart to it, or even Astra if you feel you can keep him alive with his high avoid stat. His speed growth is poor, so using Swallow Strike is also recommended.

Tsubaki can be quite useful against flying units, so consider Soar as well if you feel you need a specialist against them.

Build 2
Making Tsubaki a Weapon Master can be really beneficial as well. This will maximize his HP, Strength, and Defense nd give him a good range of weaponry.

Use Mirror Strike to negate his poor Res, and give him Vantage, Swordfaire, Line of Death, and Strength Seal. This is a high-risk, high-reward type of a Tsubaki, used to cripple enemies and quickly kill off mages.

Tsukuyomi Builds

Build 1
Tsukuyomi is a jack of all trades, so it can be difficult to build him correctly. A good way to utilize his stats is to make him a Basara.

Give him abilities like Breaking Sky in combination with Flamboyant to overcome his skill deficiencies, and then pitch in the likes of Counter and Tomefaire. If you need extra protection, consider Lancebreaker as well.

Build 2
Another way to play Tsukuyomi is a utility unit. Make him a Shura and give hi Smithy Skill alongside Flamboyant. This is especially useful if you’re farming for weapons.

In addition, you want to have Breaking Sky as well as Counter to make sure you can deal damage and survive.

Saizou Builds

Build 1
Saizou is one of the most powerful Hoshido units. He’s incredibly powerful as a physical offensive ninja, but he’s also got ridiculously good magic growth. Despite the latter, it’s best to make him a pure Elite Ninja.

Give him Snake Venom and Line of Death. Combine those two with the likes of Vantage to give him extra slipperiness on the battle. His high skill also warrants skills like Lethality and Flamboyant.

If you’re not looking for chanced-based abilities, use Kunaifaire instead of Lethality to boost his damage even further, combined with something like Astra to really make him a devastating offense unit.

There’s absolutely no need to make Saizou anything other than a Ninja. This build works wonderfully well, especially if you have access to Basara and can give him Breaking Sky to increase his damage output even further.

Kagerou Builds

Build 1
Kagerou has the highest base Strength of any unit in the game, making her a formidable offensive character.

She is best used as a death-dealing Elite Ninja. Give her Lethality and Flamboyant together, which will grant her roughly 20% chances of outright killing any opponent on each hit. Use that with Kunaifaire, Snake Venom, and Breaking Sky to make her even more formidable.

Build 2
Making Kagerou a Puppeteer is also a good option as it takes advantage of her high Strength growth. Use abilities like Copycat Puppet, and combine it with Kunaifaire, Lethality, and Flamboyant for the ultimate killer duo.

Nishiki Builds

Build 1
Nishiki can be built into a useful offensive unit thanks to his Nine-Tailed Fox class.

Use abilities like Even Illusion and Four Fangs for added offensive capability, then combine it with the likes of Breaking Sky and Flamboyant. If you want to level faster, use Fortune as well, as he has high Luck that will help.

Build 2
A more reserved but balanced way to build Nishiki is to use the likes of Even Nap instead of Flamboyant, and Beastbane to make him a beast hunter. This will make him a specialist and impact unit, but it’s useful, especially against enemy unit who are mounted on beasts.

Crimson Builds

Build 1
If built correctly, Crimson can become one of the most powerful units in the game. There’s a specific method to it. In order to get her to become near-godlike, you have to reclass another character.

Make Kamui able to reclass to Samurai at the start of the game, then have Crimson use Kamui to buddy seal into Samurai.

After this, give Crimson the Vantage ability. This way, she’ll always strike first in battle when she is below 1/4th health and also have her crit rate up by a massive 30%.

At this point, you should give her a long-ranged weapon with high crit and might, and facilitate her further with abilities like Overbearing and Luna. Defensively, you can opt to give her Pass if you feel you need to take evasive maneuvers.

Yuugiri Builds

Build 1
Yuugiri is a glass cannon for sure. Despite having the ability to become an Exorcist, her low magic prevents you from experimenting too much.

Golden-Kite Warrior is the only real option with her. This will allow her to stay alive as well as deal a lot of damage using the likes of Breaking Sky and Flamboyant. Combine it with Sun God and Eastern Heart for some support-ish traits.

The best way to use her is as an aerial threat, so Soar is extremely important in this way.

Ryoma Builds

Build 1
You can build Ryoma as a high-risk, high-reward attacking unit. You will however have to attach a tank/support with him in such situations as he’ll be extremely fragile.

Make him a Trueblade if you want to play him like this, then give him Line of Death, Swordfaire, and Astra to greatly boost his offensive.

You can also chip in Vantage if you wish, though I’d recommend something like Sun God and Eastern Heart instead.

Build 2
Ryoma can also be built into a tank. You’ll need to make him a Weapon Master for it, and give him abilities like Mirror Strike, Vantage, Sun God, Astra, and Strength Seal.

You should also consider Rally Speed as well, as it will bolster nearby units. After all, that’s what a tank does.

Use Strength Seal to cripple heavier enemies, and Mirror Strike to quickly take out the mages, then follow up the finishing with other units.

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