What Are Synchro Skills In Fire Emblem Engage?

Synchro Skills are part of a brand new battle mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage that marks the return of memorable characters from previous games in the franchise.

You can now summon classic characters like Marth and Ike to come to your aid during battles in the form of spirits. Having them besides you will not only strengthen your units but also unlock new Synchro Skills that are incredibly powerful and efficient to dispatch enemies.

The following guide will tell you more about Synchro Skills in Fire Emblem Engage.

Synchro Skills explained

Characters from previous games in the franchise appear in Fire Emblem Engage as spirits. They are contained in rare items called Emblem Rings that you can wear to summon them in time of need.

Whenever you use an Emblem Ring to summon its spirit, you will get access to Synchro Skills which can be either new abilities or buffs depending on the Emblem Ring in question. You can also get a mighty boost to your stats or get a special perk.

Since each character can only wear one Emblem Ring at a time, you need to know the Synchro Skills of all Emblem Rings to know which ones to wear in which battles.

FE Engage Synchro Skills and what they do

CharacterEmblem RingSynchro SkillSkill Description
BylethEmblem of the AcademyDivine PulseIn case you miss an attack, this skill helps your unit to assert those missing attacks on your enemies.
CelicaEmblem of EchoesHoly StanceInflicts back the same percentage of damage that you obtain from corrupted units back at your foes.
CorrinEmblem of FatesDragon VeinYou can activate one of seven field effects to either increase evasion, heal allies, reduce enemy’s evasion, create an ice wall, grant immunity to Break, or create a damaging area in front of you.
EirikaEmblem of the SacredLunar BraceIt boosts the damage dealt to your unit based on your enemy unit’s Defense.
IkeEmblem of RadianceBrave GeneralBoosts your DEF and MAG by 5% when your HP falls below 75%.
LeifEmblem of GenealogyArms ShieldIt helps in reducing the damage you take as you wield the superior weapon type or if WTA (Weapon Triangle Adv) exists against the foe.
LucinaEmblem of AwakeningDual StrikeYou can do Chain Attacks even if your class or combat style does not support Chain Attacks.
LynEmblem of BlazingDesperationIf your SPD is greater than the enemy’s, you can do a follow-up attack before the enemy’s counterattack.
MarthEmblem of BeginningNihilIt provides you with increased evasion against enemy counterattacks which decreases the probability of their attacks hitting your unit.
MicaiahEmblem of DawnClericIt enables you to use staves (up to Level C) as the rest of the emblems unlock weapon types only when they are engaged.
RoyEmblem of BindingHold outYour HP will not go below 1 HP provided that you had at least 30% HP before the start of combat.
SigurdEmblem of the Holy WarCanterGrants you the advantage of using an additional move after you have performed your attack.

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