How To Farm Silver And Gold Corrupted Enemies In Fire Emblem Engage

Silver and Gold Corrupted are a type of enemies in Fire Emblem Engage that give you the best rewards for your efforts. However, you will not find them that easily in the open world. The only way to encounter Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies is to look for skirmishes or skirmish battles on the map.

Something else to note here is that both Silver and Gold Corrupted give their own different rewards. Either way, you will want to farm both types as much as possible to improve your units.

The following guide will tell you the differences between Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies, how to encounter them, and more in Fire Emblem Engage.

Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies explained

When a skirmish appears in one of the countries you donate to, it has a chance to become either Silver or Gold corrupted. This means that a handful of enemies of that skirmish will be Silver or Gold Corrupted depending on which type is triggered.

These skirmishes appear in relation to real-world time. So when you are traveling on the world map you will notice the battle icons. Before entering the battle you will learn whether it’s a Gold corrupted or Silver corrupted foe that you will be facing.

In terms of physical appearances, the Silver Corrupted foes will be covered in silver armor whereas the gold enemies will be covered in golden armor.

Defeating the Silver corrupted will gain you more experience (XP) along with more skill points (SP). These are useful for your bond rings.

Compared to them, defeating the Gold corrupted foes will grant you some XP but they earn you more Gold in terms of (1000 to 2000) gold drops. You can then use this gold to buy gear for your party Units to level them up further.

Your donation is the main factor that comes into play when you want to instigate skirmishes with corrupted foes (Silver or Gold). Therefore to increase the donation Level (1-5) you will have to bank on making large sums of donations to the 4 primary regions via the bulletin board.

How to farm Silver and Gold Corrupted enemies

An easy way to farm gold is by involving yourself in Gold Skirmishes/training skirmishes. During these skirmishes as well as the emblem paralog battles, you have the chance of encountering Gold and Silver-corrupted enemies.

Upon their defeat, they are going to drop a higher level of gold for you make sure that whenever you see them on the field, go ahead and defeat these gold and silver corrupted.

You can include Anna in your party and have her engage the Gold corrupted. Her ability/skill “Make a killing” can be beneficial in that skirmish causing her to get extra “500 gold” from fallen units. The main thing about her is that you need to increase her luck because the higher her luck stats go, the more her chance of activating her skill increases as well.

You can increase the “spawn rate” of seeing (S and G) corrupted on the map as well by leveling up your kingdoms through donations. So when the training skirmishes appear on certain areas of the map you’ve donated to, the spawn rate of these will tend to increase as well.  

Depending on your specific donation level of a continent you will then be able to get a better chance at it. So you can make donations to the four primary regions which include:

RegionsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4

Among all four regions Elusia and Solm have the highest chances of producing more (G & S) Corrupted enemies. So once you engage in battle with them, knock them out and the Gold/ SP will be yours for the taking.

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