Fire Emblem Engage Best Refined Weapons

This guide will help you decide which weapons to invest resources on to refine and upgrade in Fire Emblem Engage.

The process of upgrading your weapons in Fire Emblem Engage is called refinement. The important thing to note here is which weapon you should refine. You will want a weapon that might not be best without going through the refinement but becomes a worthy ornament once you do refine it.

This guide will walk you through the ten best weapons to refine in Fire Emblem Engage so you don’t waste precious resources on unreliable weapons. Additionally, we’ll also be going over the best engravings for each weapon.

How to Refine Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, weapons can be refined by Smithy. She is found near the Plaza in Somniel entrance and will become available after you complete Chapter 5. Here, you can also engrave your weapons, should you so please.

The weapon refinement process in FE Engage can be quite expensive. You need gold and precious materials to improve a weapon’s performance and make your units more effective in combat. Due to that cost, you can’t just randomly refine any weapon you have and hope for a good final result.

To best manage your resources, you need to refine weapons optimally that gives the best result without costing too much.

1. Divine Fist Art +5

If you are looking for hand-to-hand combat, this art is best for you once upgraded fully. To get it, first, you have to level up the nation of Brodia to level 5 in FE Engage. This requires paying donations to the nation, up to a total of 50,000G.

The weapon is best for hand-to-hand combat because of the level of upgrade you get in terms of the money spent. To upgrade this weapon five times, you will need 50 Silver and 25,000G, which boost your Might by 5, Hit by 10, and Critical Hit chance by 10. These expensive stat boosts you get make Divine Fist Art the best-refined weapon for hand-to-hand combat in Fire Emblem Engage.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Beginnings or Emblem of Holy

2. Fragarach +3

If you like destroying your opponent with powerful blows and tears through them, then Fragarach’s legendary axe is your best choice. To get it, you must level up Solm to level 5 by donating 50,000G.

We picked this weapon because after upgrading it thrice by spending 15 Silver and 12,000G, the boost you get in your stats is awesome. Along with +3 Might, you will get a +5 boost in both Hit and Critical hit chances, making this axe a killing machine for you in FE Engage. That’s why a Fragarach +3 is the best upgraded axe you can use in battle.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Fates

3. Lendabair +3

Lendabair is a legendary bow that is best for you to take out ranged enemies and flying beasts. This weapon is highly effective when dealing with flying creatures and providing backup to your allies in FE Engage.

You will get this bow as a drop for defeating a corrupted unit stationing a ballista in Chapter 24. The upgrading cost for this weapon is the same as other weapons. But being a legendary bow, the stat boosts you get in its already good stats are helpful in battles. That’s why upgrading this weapon to at least level 3 is recommended.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Fates or Emblem of Fire

4. Carnwenhan +5

Carnwenhan is a short sword you can use as a knife in Fire Emblem Engage. You can get this sword in chapter 21 by defeating the Thief close to Veyle. This weapon will help you in stealthy fights, and once fully upgraded, you will get a +9 boost in Might, +10 in Hit, and Critical hit chance.

This sword will also inflict enemies with poison. The only downside is it cannot strike first if starting the combat, but the damage its upgraded version can deal and its poison effect make it the best-upgraded knife in FE Engage.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Dawn

5. Brionac +2

When it comes to lances in Fire Emblem Engage, the upgraded variant of the Brionac is the best. Even without upgrades, this legendary lance is quite good, but upgrades make it the best. You can use this weapon at close and long ranges, which is best in most situations.

This weapon is not purchasable, and you can get it later in the game by defeating a corrupted unit in chapter 22.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Rivals

6. Nova +5

Nova is one of the best tomes in Fire Emblem Engage that you can get in chapter 23 after defeating Griss. It is best to deal with enemies at a close range; once upgraded fully, it becomes a beast.

It will also allow you to attack twice if you initiate the fight, and with boosted stats, you can take away a good chunk of enemies’ health.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Holy

7. Armorslayer +3

This is an upgraded version of the Iron Sword in FE Engage. You can get it by participating in battles and making it available at the Armory shop in Somniel. This weapon allows you to take out multiple units at a time by doubling the damage you deal to them.

The three points increase in the Might and 5 in Hit will further boost the damage, and you can take out multiple units quickly. We have included this weapon in our best-upgraded weapon list of FE Engage.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Rivals

8. Liberation +2

This is one of the earliest yet strongest swords for Alear in FE Engage. It is not a heavy weapon though the amount of damage it deals is pretty high. To get Liberation, you must defeat Sigurd and Queen Lumera in Chapter 2. The upgraded version of this weapon will have an increased avoidance stat.

With its boosted stats in Fire Emblem Engage, you can use this weapon to make two continuous attacks to take out a huge chunk of enemies’ health.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Dawn

9. Caladbolg

This legendary sword is known for its power in FE Engage. It is a heavy sword, and you will need a unit for weapon proficiency S for handling this sword. The upgraded version of this sword is far more dangerous. If you have the required metal and money, it is best to invest in it. You can get this sword in Chapter 21 after defeating Zephia.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Beginnings

10. Longbow +1

This is an upgraded version of the Steel Bow in Fire Emblem Engage. This weapon is one of the best bows after the very first upgrade, allowing you to deal some handsome damage.

Getting it is not that difficult. You have multiple options to get it, like the Armory shop at Somniel. Its first upgrade will cost you 10 Steel, 1 Silver, and 1000G, which is not enough but helps you a lot as your Hit stat increases by 5 points.

Suggested Engrave: Emblem of Holy

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