How To Cure And Inflict Poison In Fire Emblem Engage

Poison is one of the many status effects in Fire Emblem Engage that do additional damage to inflicted units or enemies.

Make no mistake that Fire Emblem Engage poison effects can stack up to do a ton of damage. This works both ways. You can poison enemies and they can inflict poison on your units as well. Either way, poisoned targets need to be healed or cured to survive.

Poisons are exclusive to knives and classes that have access to knives. If you are on the receiving end of poison damage, you need to cure it so that it stops adding to the damage from other attacks.

Keeping reading to know more about how the poison status effect works in Fire Emblem Engage, how you can poison enemies, and how you can cure poisoned units.

Fire Emblem Engage poison status effect explained

Poison effects work a bit differently in Fire Emblem Engage. Instead of doing damage over time, they increase the damage done to a poisoned target by other attacks by one.

A purple skull appears next to the health bar indicating that the unit is poisoned and will continue to take additional damage unless cured or the battle comes to an end.

The poison attacks can also be stacked against each other to wear down the enemy’s defenses, which are shown by an “X” above the purple skull.

Poison attacks go both ways so you need to avoid them as well as use them effectively to deal damage.

How to inflict poison on enemies

In FE Engage, Poison can only be inflicted using a knife as your weapon, which is exclusive to two classes only. One of them is Thief, a Special Class and the other is Wolf Knight, an Advanced Class.

The best poison strategy in Fire Emblem Engage is to stack poison effects on an enemy unit with the highest health points or defense, especially in the case of boss battles. Keep using your knife attacks in every turn to increase the number of damage that unit takes by other attacks.

How to cure poisoned units in Fire Emblem Engage

If you ever find yourself at the sharp end of a poisoned knife, there will only be two ways to save your health from being taken away slowly. You can either consume an Antitoxin item or make use of a Restore Staff.

Antitoxins are consumable items that can heal 15 HP and also cure a Poisoned unit. These antitoxins become available for 400G after you have completed Chapter 4.

Restore Staff becomes available for 500G after Chapter 9 and can also cure Poison. Restore Staff requires C Level proficiency and can remove status effects on an ally.

If you don’t use an antitoxin or a restore staff to cure yourself of Poison, the purple skull will stay with your health bar until the battle ends and you will keep on taking additional damage with each attack.

So, it is advised to cure yourself of Poison damage as soon as possible for the sake of retaining your Health Points.