Fire Emblem Engage Ingots Farming Guide

In Fire Emblem Engage, ingots are one of the most useful resources you can gather. They have a few uses but most of the time you’ll be using them to upgrade your weapons. It goes without saying that upgraded weapons are crucial for defeating the various enemies in the game.   

There are three types of metals available in Fire Emblem Engage: Iron, Silver, and Steel. They come in varying rarities with Iron being the easiest to come by and silver the hardest. So, if you want stronger weapons, you’ll need to do some ingots farming in Fire Emblem Engage.  

However, the process can be tricky for many. This is why we’ll tell you all you need to know to make your Fire Emblem Engage Ingot Farm strategy.  

Best ways to farm Ingots fast in Fire Emblem Engage

Farming Ingots is one of the most valuable activities in Fire Emblem Engage. Each ingot, whether it’s Iron, Steel, or Silver, has its own fair share of importance that makes it worth investing in.  

Iron Ingots are mainly used to upgrade weapons such as the Levin Sword.  They are found abundantly in almost every chapter and are mostly found while searching for gold sparkles after combat.  

Steel ingots are yet another type of resource that helps upgrade weapons. They are a bit harder to come by compared to Iron ingots, but they still are found easily enough.

Lastly, we have the Silver ingots, which are one of the rarest currencies and are used for upgrading certain weapons. Being how uncommon this resource is, you’ll have a hard time farming load of these. Below are the methods you need to follow that will help you farm ingots fast in Fire Emblem Engage.  

Adopt a dog for your farmyard

Surprisingly, Ingots will also spawn next to your adopted dog on the farmyard. These spawns are random and will provide any one of the types of ingots each time you return from battle.  

All you must do is take part in a battle that rewards a dog, complete that battle, and find an orange mark on the mini-map to find the dog for adoption. 

Once the dog is adopted, bring it to the Somniel, go to the Stables door, and place it inside one of the five slots in the window to the left. 

Purchase Ingots from the Flee Market 

Many vendors sell different products at the Flea Market, including ingots. This is a good place to start collecting Ingots fast, provided you have the money to purchase them.

However, you will not have access to this market prior to completing Chapter 13. Plus, it only offers a single ingot per day. Therefore, you must wait for the next day to receive another ingot.  

Make donations to nations

One of the best ways to farm ingots at a rapid speed is through donations to other kingdoms. There are four countries that can be donated to Firene, Brodia, Elusia, and Solm. With each donation you make, you will have a higher chance of receiving several ingots of iron, steel, and silver variety. 

To start donating, simply visit the Donation Board in the Café at Somniel. Select the amount you want to donate and pick a country you want to donate to.

Once you have donated to a country, they will reward you with gifts that will contain a high-drop rate of Ingots as well (indicated by a yellow mark on the map). 

Complete the main story missions

Along with receiving loads of Gold for completing the Main Story missions, you will also get rewarded with a good quantity of Iron ingots. 

With each story mission completed, you will get better and better rewards including rarer ingots. Even if you aren’t farming ingots via another method, this way is a surefire to get your hands on some.  

Exchange for more Ingots  

Sometimes you will have lots of ingots of one variety when you need the other kind of ingots. Instead of spending time in ingots farming, you can exchange them at the Smithy. Simply visit the Smithy in the Somniel and select the required ingot.  

You need 11 Iron ingots to get one Steel Ingot. You will also need 11 Steel Ingots to get one Silver Ingots. You can also convert Iron to Silver directly using up to 121 ingots.  

This process is helpful in the later stages of the game when you are lacking rare resources but have an abundance of common ones which you can convert.  

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