Fire Emblem Engage Farmyard Guide: How To Adopt Animals

There are a number of animals that you can adopt and bring to your farmyard to get various ingredients and items in Fire Emblem Engage.

There are a total of 24 animals that can be raised on your home base, the Somniel. Each of these 24 animals provides you with specific ingredients that can enhance either your cooking recipes or your weapons, however, only five of these animals can be grazed at a time.

Somniel becomes available to you after Chapter 4 and so does the Farmyard where you can bring your adopted animals from the battlefield. These animals can be of great service to you but first, you need to know how to adopt them.

Fire Emblem Engage animal adoption requirements explained

After finishing a battle in FE engage, you can roam the battlefield and look for orange dots on the mini-map. These orange dots represent the animals that can be adopted and brought to your barn and Farmyard in Somniel.

Adopting an animal in Fire Emblem Engage is a piece of cake as you just have to press A upon encountering an Animal and then choose Yes when asked about adopting it. Animals are region specific so adopting some of them requires you to donate a certain amount of gold to a specific country while others have no such requirement.

After you have adopted an animal, it automatically appears in your Somniel Farmyard or Somniel Barn. At any instant, your Somniel Farmyard has the capacity to graze 5 animals simultaneously and employ them to produce a particular crafting item or an ingredient.

There is no need to worry, as the rest of your animals are kept in the Somniel Barn and can be switched to the Fire Emblem Engage farmyard at any time you wish them to.

You should adopt as many animals as you encounter because there is no limit to the adoption number and they can come in handy anytime you need a specific ingredient or a crafting item.

While this is a convenient advantage of having animals, it is not all they can be used for. You are also allowed to interact with your farm animals and pet those adorable creatures.

All the animals in Fire Emblem Engage are tabulated below with their regions, drops, and locations.

Fire Emblem Engage animals list and their ingredients

Below are all the animals that you can raise in your farmyard. You will also get to know what ingredients they provide, in which region they can be found, and more.

AnimalRegionIngredients ProvidedDonation RequiredLocation
Calisson ChickenFireneEggs5,000 to FireneChapter 4, Chapter 15, Chapter 16 Paralogue1, Paralogue9
Firenese CatFireneCarp5,000 to FireneChapter 17, Paralogue 1, Fell Paralogue 3
Mere DonkeyFireneRare Vegetable5,000 to FireneChapter 4, Paralogue7
Aura EagleBrodiaBeefPorkChickenMutton5,000 to BrodiaChapter 7, Paralogue 5, Fell Paralogue 5
Brodian CatBrodiaHerring5,000 to BrodiaChapter 7, Paralogue 5
Rutile MarmotBrodiaRare Fruit5,000 to BrodiaChapter 9, Chapter 24, Paralogue 5, Fell Paralogue 5
Elusian CatElusiaCod5,000 to ElusiaChapter 19, Paralogue 9, Fell Paralogue 1
Iris OwlElusiaBerriesTomato5,000 to ElusiaChapter 11, Chapter 19, Fell Paralogue3
Vervain DeerElusiaRare Vegetable5,000 to ElusiaChapter 11, Chapter 24, Paralogue11, Fell Paralogue1 
Panna CamelSolmWheat FlourRiceBeansSpices5,000 to SolmChapter 12, Chapter 13
Solmic CatSolmEel5,000 to SolmChapter 15, Chapter 16 Fell Paralogue 2
Tartu FlamingoSolmRare Fish5,000 to SolmChapter 13, Paralogue13, Fell Paralogue3
Black Elyosian DogIron IngotSteel IngotSilver IngotNoneChapter 6, Chapter 15, Paralogue2, Fell Paralogue 2
Eastern FreecatSalmonNoneChapter 15, Paralogue 2, Paralogue 9, Paralogue 15
Elyosian DogIron IngotSteel IngotSilver IngotNoneChapter 4, Chapter 12, Paralogue7
Elyosian PigeonNutsNoneChapter 6, Chapter 7 Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Paralogue 2 Paralogue 15
Elyosian SeagullNutsNoneChapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Paralogue 10, Paralogue 13
Elyosian SheepMilkNoneChapter Four, Paralogue 1, Paralogue4, Paralogue7, Paralogue11, Paralogue12
Hop RabbitBerriesNoneChapter 11, Paralogue 9, Fell Paralogue 5
Northern FreecatCodNoneChapter 17, Chapter 24, Paralogue 11, Paralogue 15
Southern FreecatSalmonNoneChapter 6, Chapter 16, Chapter 24, Paralogue13,
Western FreecatSardinesNoneChapter 19, Paralogue 12, Paralogue 15
White Elyosian DogIron IngotSteel IngotSilver IngotNoneChapter 13, Paralogue1, Paralogue4, Fell Paralogue1
White Hop RabbitBerriesNoneChapter 9, Chapter 24, Paralogue11