How To Defeat Corrupted Lumera In Fire Emblem Engage

Corrupted Lumera is a formidable opponent that you will have to face off with in the main battle of Chapter 25. She is accompanied by many enemies which makes it difficult to deal with her immediately as you have to clear these hordes in order to face her.

It is highly recommended that you be at least level 18 in an advanced class when fighting Corrupted Lumera. This will give you a higher chance of surving her powerful attacks as well as her units.

You can deploy 14 Player Units which include “Alear, Lyn, Kagetsu, Alcryst, Chloe, Ike, Seadall, etc” to take out Corrupted Lumera and her foes in FE Engage.

Once you defeat her you will get “Wille Glanz” as an item reward along with the treasure loots “Cinquedea” and “Draco shield” that you can salvage during the battle with Corrupted Lumera.

Corrupted Lumera attacks

Before engaging Corrupted Lumera in FE Engage, you should be wary of her attacks. She marks her attack area purple, and your unit should avoid stepping in those areas. As these, she can use Shard’s power to inflict “Beam Attacks” on your whole party.

The corrupted Lumera is surrounded by powerful sages and martial masters who can inflict heavy damage on your party if you try to approach her head-on. Moreover, she can revitalize her health by using the 2 revival stones as she is covered on both sides by the Corrupted Wyrms (Dragons) as well.

Tips to beat Fire Emblem Engage Corrupted Lumera

In order to defeat Corrupted Lumera your party will have to make their way through the Gradlons Temple. There, she will be stationed in the center crowded by enemy hordes. So your immediate strategy should be to take out nearby enemies first and break the gates to reach this main enemy boss.

Clear the doors along the way

The Corrupted Lumera will be situated with her allies in the center. These include the sages and martial masters who will be defending her from all corners. She can use her dagger to strike your team members if you try to get close to her.

Your unit needs to clear the path early and break all the obstructions that come in the form of doors so that you can reach her and focus your attacks on defeating her.

Avoid her Laser attacks

During your fight with Lumera, she can target your party if you end up stepping on the purple areas you will be warned about the corrupted Lumera’s incoming beam attack. These areas are her attack points as the corrupted Lumera can use these areas to blast laser beams inflicting massive damage on your party members.

On the other hand, if you don’t step on these areas she will not damage you with her attacks and you can use this to clear the reinforcement enemies that surround her.

Avoid the Sage’s Entrap

If you move towards the right end then you will encounter her Sage who can use Entrap. It is vital that you avoid it as getting struck by it can slow down your movement leaving you open to Corrupted Lumera’s and her follower’s attacks.

To deal with the Sage threat you can deplore Emblems Lyn’s long-range attack and take the foe out in one go rather than rushing in on him.

Deal with the reinforcements first

Remember this battle will prolong if you focus only on the Fire Emblem Engage Corrupted Lumera boss and will leave your team vulnerable to the surrounding enemies. Take it slow and try to finish the surrounding foes first. This way you can clear the path and go for the doors. However, make sure that you target the Corrupted Wyrms around her as well since they can use the Revival stones to benefit her as well.

Open the Treasure Chest

When you reach the middle area your party will be hit with a third wave of enemies which will also contain thieves. These enemies will hurl toward the treasure areas so make sure that you loot the treasure chest on both sides.

The treasure chest on the right side will contain a “Dracoshield” whereas the one on the left will have the “Cinquedea”.

After you dealt with the surrounding enemies you will have to focus your attacks on the ones defending the corrupted Lumera. The location of these foes will be stationary so you can close up the range on them and deal with them in a manner of your choosing.

Moreover, your attacks should be targeted at the Wyrms and the Sages first after which you can move on to dealing with Lumera herself.

Disrupt her restoration move

Once you face Corrupted Lumera in FE Engage, you can use Alear Engage + attack by making use of the Pact ring. This attack is deadly as it utilizes the Engage beam to cause damage to the Corrupted Lumera.

If she resorts to using the revival stones then you can use Kagetsu, Alcryst, and Chloe to disrupt her restoration by using the Fracture staff to target the dragons and focus your unit’s attacks on her to take her out but make sure to avoid her beam attacks as they will drain your health if you get caught in them.