Fire Emblem Engage: Best Advanced Classes To Switch To

Fire Emblem Engage has over a dozen different basic classes to choose from for your characters depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Once you have reached level 10 with a basic class, you can switch to an advanced class that unlocks the most powerful skills in the game.

Considering the number of basic classes and characters in Fire Emblem Engage, unlocking advanced classes can prove to be a grind, but a grind that is going to give you a massive power spike.

Remember that you need Master Seals to change a particular class. Seals are rare in the game, so you need to be absolutely sure which class to switch to which advanced class in FE Engage.

Best advanced classes in Fire Emblem Engage

Divine Dragon

The most devastating advanced class belongs to the main protagonist of FE Engage Alear. You must reach level 10 of Dragon Child before switching to this class.

You get great survivability in this class, as most of the skills in the course improve your defense. Additionally, within the class, you get to wield swords along with getting the attributes that let you challenge mages, thieves, and archers. This class perfectly balances offense and defense, making it the best in the game.

High Priest

This advanced class in FE Engage allows you to enjoy the high potential of the units in every area of combat. You can perform spells and combat arts, hurting the foes massively while protecting your allies with staff.

The High Priest units are weak in defense, but they have all the abilities to dodge incoming attacks. You should always create a safe distance between yourself and your enemies. This will ensure that you stay away from enemy attacks and deal maximum damage using the spells in FE Engage.


This is one of the other exclusive Fire Emblem Engage advanced classes that can be unlocked with the character, Fogado. This class lets him move more freely on the map while having greater precision in his attacks.

Your chances of landing a critical strike improve substantially after opting for this class. If you equip weapons like Killer Bow, most attacks will have crit, making this class devastating for your enemies.


The General class is perfect for fighting the physical damage of the enemies. These units can easily tank the enemy team with such high defensive capabilities. However, this advanced class shows particular weakness against magic attacks.

You can use this class to create distractions, allowing your free allies to take the enemies down by surprise. The generals can even bring down the melee and archers on their own, so this advanced class is something that you must not forget while making the switch in Fire Emblem Enage.

Wolf Knight

The newly introduced Wold Knight class is worth your attention. Cavalier units with excellent Knives proficiency can access this advanced class. You get to enjoy the incredible mobility in the class, allowing you to land more than one hit on several occasions.

Apart from the power of this class, you get a higher stat in luck. This means the probability of landing critical hits increases when you switch to this advanced class in FE Engage.

Wyvern Knight

This is one of the best flying classes in the entire game. You get the ability to inflict high-damaging attacks while creating chaos in the enemy lines by moving swiftly between the units.

These class units are vulnerable to bow, but the mobility allows you to dodge incoming attacks, but you must always stay on your toes. This advanced class is good if you are into more fast-paced attacks and like aerial combat.

Mage Knight

The mage knight units have a broad set of spells that can be utilized to deal a good amount of damage to the enemies. You can quickly bring down enemies having higher armor stats as they are the most vulnerable against magic attacks.

In FE Engage, you must also participate in melee attacks, as some foes like to rush into you. This Fire Emblem Engage advanced class allows you to be proficient with melee weapons to survive any combat situation.

This advanced class can also allow you to attack twice in a turn if the enemies use the Chaos Style skill. All these attributes make this advanced class worthy of consideration in Fire Emblem Engage.


Berserker is one of the best advanced classes in Fire Emblem Engage when it comes to having strength and health. You can tank the incoming attacks from the enemies and put them down using your brutal offensive power.

You can advance to this class from the Axe warrior class without proficiency in any other weapon. So if you are into plays that revolve around the usage of Axe, then this advanced class is the one that you should switch to in FE Engage.

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