Fire Emblem Echoes Relationship Guide

The relationship system in Fire Emblem Echoes is much different than the previous two Fire Emblems games. You can only build relationships with characters that have some story connecting them. This guide will cover complete details about raising the support relationships and a complete list of characters you can have Support Relationships with in Fire Emblem Echoes.

How to Raise Relationships in Fire Emblem Echoes

Now for raising the relationship in Fire Emblem Echoes, you have to make units fight within one space from each other. You might find it a little difficult.

To make things a little easier, you can fight directly with the characters you can make relationships with by going through our support relationship list.

After some fights, a Talk option will appear when your units have reached the experience level required for leveling up the support relationship and fighting close to each other.

You can find this option in the activity list. After talking, their relationship will boost and help you make your units stronger as well.

List of Support Relationships

Below you will find the complete list of Support Relationships you can build in Fire Emblem Echoes.

Alm’s Army

Below you will find all the characters and the names they can make Support relationships with in Fire Emblem Echoes.

  • Alm: Faye, Clair, Mycen
  • Faye: Alm, Silque
  • Clair: Alm, Gray, Delthea
  • Kliff: Tobin
  • Tobin: Gray, Kliff
  • Gray: Tobin, Clair
  • Zeke: Tatiana
  • Delthae: Clair, Luthier
  • Luthier: Delthea
  • Tatiana: Zeke
  • Python: Forsyth
  • Forsyth: Python
  • Clive: Mathilda, Lukas
  • Mathilda: Clive
  • Lukas: Clive

Celica’s Army

Below you will find all the characters and the names they can make Support relationships with in Fire Emblem Echoes.

  • Celica: May, Atlas, Nomah, Conrad
  • Mae: Celica, Boey
  • Leon: Valbar, Kamui
  • Valbar: Leon
  • Kamui: Leon
  • Conrad: Celica
  • Genny: Sonya
  • Sonya: Genny
  • Deen: Jesse
  • Jesse: Deen, Saber
  • Saber: Jesse

Now for increasing the relationship between two characters and viewing their scene, you have to ensure they’re fighting close to each other.

In Fire Emblem Echoes, there are three levels of relationships A, B, and C. As you fight closer to each other, the relationship level will increase your unit’s stats.

You should try to build relationships with all available characters to see every scene because you can see some great moments and get the combat boost.


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