Fire Emblem Echoes Guide – Act 2, Priory, Novis Greatport, Zofia Seaway, and Recruiting Saber

Fire Emblem Echoes Guide to help you complete the 2nd Act’s Priory, Novis Greatport, Zofia Seaway, and recruit Saber. In the game’s second Act called The Pilgrimage, we leave Alm behind and focus on Celica and her condition after leaving Ram Village.

It is important that you know that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a strategy game and the strategy shared in the guide is what worked best for us! You can feel free to improvise and find something that works well for you. Moreover, I have not disclosed the location of all available items in the maps.

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Fire Emblem Echoes Guide – Act 2: The Pilgrimage Walkthrough

In our Fire Emblem Echoes Guide – Act 2: The Pilgrimage Walkthrough, we have detailed everything you need to know about clearing Priory, Novis Greatport, and recruiting Saber.

Fire Emblem Echoes


You need to talk to Mae at the entrance in order to let Mae and Boey join your party. Once done, speak to Genny at the entrance. Moreover, do note that there are many items to collect in the area.

Novis Cemetery

You will find Revenants scattered all around the map but there are easy to defeat due to their low defense. Moreover, there are graves around the map. While standing on one, you will acquire +60% added Avoid stat. Once done with the battle, try to level up Celica before continuing towards the next battle.

Novis Greatport

After collecting the items at the entrance, speak to the man to learn about the pirates. Once done, speak to the woman to learn about Saber at the Tavern. Now head to the Tavern in order to collect the items, speak to the woman on the left, speak to the Tavernkeep, and finally to Saber. Now head to the Wharf and speak to the men on the dock. You need to agree to help with the pirates and return to the Tavern to speak with Saber again. After Saber agrees to help you, return to the Wharf and speak to the Old Timer on the left-hand side.

Zofia Seaway

The map is made up of two ships with a bridge connecting them. The first thing that you need to do is to let Saber/Celica seal the bridge so that the attackers cannot reach you. Another thing that you need to note here is enemies ambushing you from behind. In order to deal with it, you need to ensure that you have your Mages to eliminate them.

Moreover, there are tiles on the right-hand side of the two ships that replenish HP. After dishing out some damage to an enemy, try to ensure that you do not let them reach the healing floor. As long as you manage to eliminate enemies before they have a chance to heal, you have nothing to worry! I also recommend the unit holding the Golden Dagger to land the final blow in order to unlock a new skill.

The second battle is similar to the first one in structure but a lot more difficult. During the second battle, you will have to face 10 enemies and 2 bridges. In addition to this, you will also come across Mercenary unit with Leather Shield. The Mercenary unit has high ATK/SPD and is annoying to deal with. Moreover, thanks to the Leather Shield, it has high DEF due to which you need to use Magic in order to deal with it.

After the battle starts, move Celica to the tile near the entrance of the bridge and Saber three spaces to Celica’s left. Use the remaining units to deal with the Mercenary but beware of Archer in the area. You need to ensure that the Archer does not close in the gap in order to get in your range. You need to make sure that you are not cornered and the entire battle will pass smoothly. Moreover, the Mercenary will retreat to heal if given the chance – try to avoid it!

This is all we have in our Fire Emblem Echoes Guide. Let us know if you have anything else to add to the guide!

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