Fire Emblem Echoes Guide – Act 2, The Pirate Throne, Interior Seabound Shrine, and Necrodragon Fight

Fire Emblem Echoes Guide to help you complete the 2nd Act’s the Pirate Throne, Interior Pirate Throne, and Seabound Shrine. In this section of the guide, we deal with some more Pirate Raids, defeat the Necrodragon, and explore the interior area of the Seabound Shrine.

It is important that you know that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a strategy game and the strategy shared in the guide is what worked best for us! You can feel free to improvise and find something that works well for you. Moreover, I have not disclosed the locations of all available items in the maps.

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Fire Emblem Echoes Guide – Act 2: The Pilgrimage Walkthrough

In our Fire Emblem Echoes Guide – Act 2: The Pilgrimage Walkthrough, we have detailed everything you need to know about clearing the Pirate Throne, Interior Pirate Throne, Seabound Shrine.

Fire Emblem Echoes Walkthrough

The Pirate Throne

In this map, your job is to rescue Valbar, Kamui, and Leon. Once done rescuing them, the game will allow you to have support conversations with them. I highly recommend equipping the Leather Shield that you acquired from the previous battle. With the Leather Shield equipped, most of the damage you will receive from enemies is 1.

Third Pirate Raid

This map consists of two ships. At the start of the battle, you will only see a Cantor on the battlefield. However, do not let this ease you since more enemy units will join in. During the battle, the Cantor will summon Revenants to distract you from defeating him. In addition to this, the enemy will also replenish +1 HP per turn. It is important to note that the timing at which the Cantor will summon Revenants is completely random.

From what we have discovered, the Cantor summons Revenants every two or three turns. I recommend dealing with Cantor as fast as possible so that you will not have to deal with a large number of Revenant units.

Seabound Shrine

On this map, you will see the Necrodragon in the lower-left corner of the map and its helper in the upper-right corner of the map. Before starting the battle, you need to ensure that Celica knows the Seraphim skill. The Seraphim skill is incredibly powerful against the Necrodragon. Apart from this, you also need to make sure that Genny knows Invoke skill.

For this battle, I recommend having Valbar at the front because of his high DEF and luring the Necrodragon. After you manage to defeat the dragon, you will receive the Blessed Ring. One important thing that you need to note here is that there are two Necrodragons in the Hard Mode.

Seabound Shrine Interior

Once you are done with the Necrodragon, cross to the Sea Shrine. While you are in this area, you need to keep an eye on the Blessed Sword. A little ahead, you will come across the Bonewalker, having high ATK/DEF. In order to deal with it effectively, you need to use Celica’s Seraphim and expose its RES. Continue towards the upper section of the map to come across the Mila’s Statue.

From the Sacred Springs, dive deeper into the dungeon in which you will come across Revenants, Bonewalkers, and Gargoyles. The Gargoyles possess high SPD, DEF, and RES. Thanks to these increased stats, it is more likely to deal a counterattack during its turn. An ideal strategy to use here is to keep most of the ranged units behind Valbar and use Genny’s Invoke to summon ally soldiers.

Let the summoned soldiers whittle away enemies before finishing them off with Celica’s or Leon’s Seraphim. Once done, proceed through the secret passage on the left and head right to find the Sacred Springs at the backend of the area. The Sacred Springs in the area will allow you to gain additional XP and increased RES. From there, head to the farthest section of the secret area to find the Blessed Sword.

Before exiting the area, head back to the area with the Mila’s Statue and examine the area to find a Memory Prism. Once done, offer Ham to the Starving Man in order to receive a Silver Purse with 30 Silver Marks inside.

This is all we have in our Fire Emblem Echoes Guide. Let us know if you have anything else to add to the guide!

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