Fire Emblem Echoes Fatigue Guide

Fatigue in Fire Emblem Echoes: Tales of Valentia continue to increase as a unit performs actions or sustains some damage. While the game has an invisible Fatigue Meter that continues to build up, there is a rather subtle Fatigue Calculator in the UI.

This guide explains how Fatigue works in Fire Emblem Echoes and how you can calculate it, recover from it and cure it. We will also be taking a look at the fatigue tolerance levels.

How Does Fatigue System Work in Fire Emblem Echoes

As the player engages in different tasks, fighting, dancing, and utilizing staves, they will notice that the level of Fatigue is increasing.

Following is a small overview of how the Fatigue Meter builds up:

  • Enter Combat = +1 Fatigue
  • Use White Magic = +1 Fatigue
  • Take 0/1 Damage = +1 Fatigue
  • Take Terrain Damage = +1 Fatigue
  • Take 2 or More Damage = +2 Fatigue

To prevent overutilizing the player capabilities, the game will prevent you from continuing in the subsequent chapter if your Fatigue level exceeds your maximum HP.

If for some reason, the player is not deployed in any chapter, all his fatigue levels will be reset to zero when he starts the new chapter. The reset process of Fatigue doesn’t happen automatically, but you will find a rare Stamina Drink in their inventory before starting the chapter. There is a need for the Primary Lord Leif in every chapter to help us, so he is impervious to Fatigue.

A player fatigue meter typically rises by one each time they engage in battle, but high-level staves raise it by higher amounts which are explained below:

  • D-rank staves raise it by two.
  • C-rank staves raise it by three.
  • B-rank staves raise it by four.
  • A-rank and Preferential staves raise it by five.

Fatigue Tolerance Levels Explained

Many of us know that the players get fatigued as they progress through the battle. But the rate at which each player gets fatigued is not always equal. That said, every player has different fatigue tolerance, which determines the rate at which any player gets fatigued.

Their fight ends when players fight in battle and their fatigue points equal their maximum HP. For the next level, to compensate for the fatigue points, the game will reduce the total HP of the player. This reduction also depends on the character’s Fatigue tolerance. For Example, a 30 HP Fatigued Celica will have 18 HP remaining in the next battle.

How to Cure / Heal Fatigue

Looking at the smiley right next to a unit’s HP will tell you a lot about its Fatigue Level in Fire Emblem Echoes. A grinning smiley face means that the unit’s Fatigue Level is less than 1/3rd of its Maximum HP.

A smiling face means that the unit’s Fatigue Level is over 1/3rd of its Maximum HP; a neutral face means that the unit’s Fatigue Level is over 2/3rd of its Maximum HP. A sad face means that the unit’s Fatigue Level equals its maximum HP.

Now that we know how to calculate the Fatigue Level let us talk about recovering from it. There are multiple ways to recover from Fatigue in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. You can consume Provisions to reduce it, exit the World Map to get completely rid of it, reduce it by offering Provisions to a Mila Statue, or change your class. It is also important to realize that Fatigue has no impact in the non-Dungeon battles.

There are two ways to cure or heal the Fatigue in the Fire Emblem Echoes, which are explained below:


The simple and easy answer to curing Fatigue in Fire Emblem Echoes is going to be by way of consuming food. You can collect food along your way, but if you cannot find one, you can use stored food from the inventory. Not every food you consume to cure Fatigue will replenish Fatigue in the same amount.

The game has associated every food with a Fatigue rank. The more rank any food has, the more Fatigue it will replenish. The food is like fuel, and you will need more if you want to explore big dungeons, so calculate the amount of food you will need pre-journey. That’s where the Fatigue rank of food comes in handy.

Milo Statue Cure

Ever heard of getting the blessing of some influential figure to cure numerous things. The same thing is happening here in curing Fatigue. You need to find Mila Statue at the end of the Dungeons and Shrines.

After you have found the Statue, you need to sacrifice a unit in the form of offerings to the Goddess in the Statue to gain their blessing. This will, in turn, cure all your Fatigue at once. First, drain all your fatigue bars and use the Statue cure.

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