New Civilization 6 Screenshots Show Cities, Structures

Firaxis Studios, the developers of the Civilization series, have released a few new Civilization 6 screenshots, showing a few more shots of the game map and a few military units along with them. There are a few new additions to it in there, but they don’t really show much that people haven’t already seen.

There are a few changes of course: the map, for instance, no longer has a thick layer of clouds as its fog of war mechanic. Instead, the map there takes a page out of Total War: Shogun 2’s book, where the rest of the map is just that: a map. More detail is added to the map as more of it is explored.

We also get a better look at some of the various cities and structures and units in the Civilization 6 screenshots. We get to see a city that’s part of the Japanese civilization, decorated with the sort of Feudal Japan architecture that many buildings there are built like. We can also see the units that will be available, at least in the early period. We get to see the unique Japanese unit in the form of samurai, along with catapults, archers, knights, and spearmen.

However, we haven’t seen any other civilizations for the most part. While there are units that aren’t colored the Japanese player’s red color, we don’t really see what the civilization that owns them actually is. While Civilization games do tend to have the various civilizations all blend together culturally except for a certain unique unit, the other units aren’t distinct enough except for the samurai.

There’s still a long ways to go until Civilization 6 comes out, but hopefully a return to form for Firaxis will end up bringing back Civilization fans that the company lost after the rather lackluster reception of Civilization: Beyond Earth. Maybe we’ll see some more of it at E3.