Where to Find Sea of Thieves Animals – Chickens, Pigs, Snakes

There are three different kinds of animals found in Sea of Thieves for the most part. Of course, finding them, again and again, can be quite difficult since you move around quite a lot in Sea of Thieves.

For that reason, it is best to have a guide that can tell you where to find Sea of Thieves Animals. Today, we will give you a comprehensive list that has a number of places where you can find various different animals in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Animals Locations

Finding Animals will be quite difficult at the start since they will be scattered around various different islands. A lot of quests will be for you to chase chickens and bring them back to the contractors in exchange for a reward.

Animals in Sea of Thieves will be found using the Rare Interactive Map that will tell you the exact islands where you can locate the animals.

However, you have this guide that will simply tell you which islands to go to for a certain animal so that you can avoid the hassle of trying to get the map.

Animal Locations

As we stated before, there are three different main kinds of animals that you can find in Sea of Thieves. They are found on various different islands that you can travel to and here is a list of where you can find chickens, pigs, and snakes.

Chickens Locations

  1. Barnacle Cay
  2. Black Water Enclave
  3. Boulder Cay
  4. Cannon Cove
  5. Chicken Isle
  6. Crook’s Hollow
  7. Crooked Masts
  8. Discovery Ridge
  9. Lagoon of Whispers
  10. Marauder’s Arch
  11. Mermaid’s Hideaway
  12. Mutineer Rock
  13. Old Faithful Isle
  14. Old Salts Atoll
  15. Plunder Valley
  16. Rapier Cay
  17. Sailor’s Bounty
  18. Shark Bait Cove
  19. Shipwreck Bay
  20. Smuggler’s Bay
  21. Thieves’ Haven
  22. Tri-Rock Isle
  23. Twin Groves
  24. Wanderers Refuge

Pigs Locations

  1. Blind Man’s Lagoon
  2. Cannon Cove
  3. Chicken Isle
  4. Crescent Isle
  5. Devil’s Ridge
  6. Fool’s Lagoon
  7. Isle of Last Words
  8. Kraken’s Fall
  9. Lone Cove
  10. Lookout Point
  11. Marauder’s Arch
  12. Mermaid’s Hideaway
  13. Old Faithful Isle
  14. Paradise Spring
  15. Plunder Valley
  16. Plunderer’s Plight
  17. Sailor’s Bounty
  18. Sea Dog’s Rest
  19. Shark Bait Cove
  20. Shark Tooth Key
  21. Shipwreck Bay
  22. Shiver Retreat
  23. Snake Island
  24. Sunken Grove
  25. Thieve’s Haven

Snakes Locations

  1. Black Sand Atoll
  2. Booty Isle
  3. Castaway Cove
  4. Crescent Isle
  5. Crook’s Hollow
  6. Crooked Masts
  7. Cutlass Cay
  8. Devil’s Ridge
  9. Discovery Ridge
  10. Isle of Last Words
  11. Kraken’s Fall
  12. Lagoon of Whispers
  13. Liar’s Backbone
  14. Lone Cove
  15. Lonely Isle
  16. Picaroon Palms
  17. Sandy Shallows
  18. Smuggler’s Bay
  19. Snake Island
  20. Sunken Grove
  21. Wanderer’s Refuge

That is all we have for our Sea of Thieves Animals Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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