Where to Find Merchant in God Eater 3 – Faith Location

As you progress through God Eater 3, you will need all the weapons and suitable gear you can while facing tough foes and uncovering dangerous secrets in the world.

Although exploration is always encouraged in RPGs like God Eater 3 itself, you will find it easier to purchase items directly from a vendor, should you have stacked up on that cash. Here is how you find the merchant in the game:

Merchant in God Eater 3

There are many sources to earn money and yet when it comes to obtaining the useful items from the environment, you cannot expect to acquire viable gear without some hardships.

It is in this case that you best utilize the gold you are sitting on by heading to a local merchant for purchasing ammunition, consumables and other useful items. Moreover, you can also clear up your inventory space by selling her unused items as well.

With that said, the location of the merchant is not accessible right from the start of the game. This calls for playing a decent amount of the game, some few hours or so before you reach a point in the main game’s story.

This is when you first encounter Hilda and leave your first Port behind.

Once you have talked with Hilda, move to the back of the left room on the upper-level exit of the Bridge. In this room, you can find a door, proceeding through which gets you to the Lobby.

Here, in this area, you will find the woman merchant named Faith. She is noticeable as there is only one girl sitting relaxed in a chair, with her pink hoodie on.

Speak with her to browse her catalog of useful goods and purchase the ones that interest you. Sell the unwanted items as well, so you are managing both your inventory space and your money, properly.

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